My new book is done.

I finally have gotten my book printed and it’s available on Amazon now and I am also giving away the pdf for free here.

My first hard copy. 800 pages.

I’m definetly not making any new Christian friends with this one. But I do wish now I would’ve added the connections to Indra. Jupiter roars and delivers what? Oh nothing…just Kundalini.

I wish I would have had this to put in my book. I wish I would’ve came across this sooner too. Jupiter-Serapis and his modius.

3 thoughts on “My new book is done.

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  1. Congrats on your book!! Very cool! May G-d bless you for sharing your knowledge through Christ Jesus. I’ll do a YT for it 🙂
    I’ll look for it on Amazon. The link within your blog wouldn’t connect.


  2. Congrats,on you’re book of informative and important Truth.Trying to find a way to obtain a copy here,as clicking on link didn’t get me to order site,(nor provide further info).Thank you and God bless you. Stacie / hummingbird9762


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