Truth or Dare featuring the demon Calyx

Truth or Dare: the movie. If you mix the movie Final Destination with the movie Quija you get a movie with the symbolism of demon clown faced jesters who force you to tell the truth, or dare to be killed. It comes from the producer of Happy Death Day. If you haven’t read my paper on the 9/23 connection to this movie then I suggest you do. And a demonic spirit named Calyx in Truth or Dare comes from a Catholic Church in Mexico. Its just more of the same, with the spirit of Nephilim symbolism in movies.

The demonic faces with the big eyes and over proportioned smiles is reminiscent of a clowns face or a jesters face. I’ve mentioned before how I believe the clown/jester is symbolic of Nephilim manifesting in the physical. These are represented as the spirits of these ancient demonic Nephilim. Its all symbolic.

And why are these same faces in Soungarden’s video for Black Hole Sun? Notice the clown faced smile on the woman getting ready to kill a fish. The fish is represented as the end time harvest for true Christianity as the Nephilim is set on killing it.

Now I mentioned this demon in this movie that is named Calyx. The Latin Calyx is a husk or pod. The word Calyx actually comes from the Greek word kálux and means cup or chalice.

The Ancient Greek κάλυξ (kálux, cup) comes from κύω (kúō). κῠ́ω means to become pregnant or impregnate. From Proto-Indo-European *ḱewh₁- (to swell). Cognate (related “by blood” to) with κύριος (kúrios), Latin cumulus (swell), cavus (cavity). Most proper who study Greek are familiar with the word Kurios. It means master or lord and the Greek translation of the Tetragrammaton in the Septuagint.

κῠ́ω (kúō)

  1. (present and imperfect) to conceive, become pregnant
    1. (rarely with accusative) to become pregnant with…
  2. (aorist) to impregnate

Now the interesting thing about the word play for a demon named Calyx is that its a cup where you drink something (normally to be intoxicated). You also have the connection to being pregnant and the word lord or master. The Hebrew equivalent is Ba’al. I believe this clown demon named Calyx is just that, a Ba’al or lord of the shadows.

Now a impregnating demon has a actual name for it. It is called a Maggid. I talk about this extensively in my book. A maggid can also be a preacher. The concept is that a spirit impregnates the preacher. Have you ever heard a Christian say they have been impregnated by a word? This is that concept but its usually false and dine by a false prophet, hence it being from a preacher. Cabala or kabbalah (to recieve) is associated with the maggid.

The term maggidim may be used to speak of angels, but at times in teachings of the Kabbalah it assumes a very different meaning – by maggid, very often in classical Kabbalistic writings it is not archangels and angels of Ha-Shem that is meant, but rather the “angel” or “spirit” of a tzaddik or navi of the past, that, or the angel or spirit of a close disciple who studies in the academy or school of the navi or tzaddik in heaven. Thus, maggid is meant to indicate the presence of a holy one of the past that comes to visit us, and that may teach us and reveal mysteries to us – this can occur in dream or vision, but it can also occur by “speaking through us,” a placing of knowledge into our mouths, or into our minds and hearts, inspirations and illuminations...
To have a maggid, or to experience the visitations of maggidim, is intimately connected to the play of ivurim – the impregnation of the soul by sparks from other souls, and very often such a connection exists for those who have a maggid; these mysteries are interconnected.” (

So there you have it. Calyx the demon is associated with fallen angels or a demonic spirit. If you drink from the calyx or chalice then you will face the consequences of wrath. In the case of this movie…its death.

The cup of demons also made me think of the modius of Jupiter Serapis’ head. Another cup of death. There is also another reference to Jupiter with this word calyx.

  • The lunar crater Kalyke is named after the first Kalyke, as is a moon of Jupiter.

So now you know why President’s Bush and Obama have been shown as jokers.

Along with others….

Now you know the spirit behind these people. I guess in a secular world a maggid could not only be a preacher but a politician.


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  1. Creepy!! Kabbalah is “no Bueno.” Definitely NOT of G-d. Zohar… just as bad. Hilarious how they couldn’t hide Rabbi YESHUA from scrolls…. I’m just trying to confirm that Rabbi YESHUA was on fact Jesus. ALSO, I FOUND A SUPER CREEPY WEBSITE where turkish monarchy reference Christ JESUS as King & son of G-d.


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