Sophia: Birth and Marriage…the pop video series

I came across a video by Leehom Wang. I’m assuming he is a Asian pop star. On September 19th, 2017 he released a video called A.I. and yes, it’s worse (and by worse I mean esoteric) than you thought.

This happened 4 days before the false sign of Revelation 12 wth Jupiter and Virgo. I won’t break this video down but there is a lot there. Sophia gets injected with a virus/vaccine that makes her “human”, goes on to marry Leehom hence a birth and wedding just days apart and talks about going to Mars.

I watched the video in context with 9/23 in mind and it made me think of the series Under the Dome.

In the series, Eva or Eve gets pregnant and has a daughter. She was only pregnant for 3 days before the daughter was born, and get this, the birth happened in a barn we’re animals were being kept. This is like an inversion of the Immaculate Conception and the birth of Jesus. In order for her to be fully pregnant they sacrificed 12 white virgins in white dresses who would put their hands on Ava’s belly while Eva sucked the life force out of them with her hands on their head. This reminded me of the Fall sign of Revelation 12 with the 12 stars and planets in Virgo and the birth of something demonic.

As everybody knows I believe Revelation 12 that happened on September 23rd 2017 was false. I believe it was birthing something spiritually demonic and wicked and it was part of the ancient Antichrist spirit that will flood the world in these last days. I believe all of this is connected to artificial intelligence and the rise of Sophia. Symbolically speaking, I believe this video was portraying something that Under the Dome series showed his four years ago.

The child Eva had was a girl named Dawn. She was the Phoenix rising out of the ashes and symbolically representing the new birth from out of the egg. While you watch Leehom’s video I want you to notice the blue eyes of Sophia when she comes to life and how they match the blue eyes of Dawn when she was born. Dawn is representing the female aspect of Lucifer or the Morning star who is known as Sophia. The AI Sophia Dawn connection is there. They represent the blue light of Lucifer.

Now here is where Leehom’s video gets weird. In the chorus he says “AI love, AI love…Aiya”. Can you dare to guess what Aiya is? Aya (pronounced Aiya) was the wife of Shamash, the Sun god in Mesopotamia. “IN BABYLONIAN MYTHOLOGY”, AYA” IS THE VERY ANCIENT “GODDESS OF THE DAWN; “SHE WAS OFTEN CALLED THE “BRIDE OF THE SUN“. SHE WAS THE DIVINE CONSORT OF “SHAMASH ( ”

A goddess called A or Aya was Šamaš’ consort, and had solar characteristics in her own right. Her name means simply lady or mistress. One of her titles was dsud-aga – nur same “heavenly light” (Leick: 17.), and in Akkadian Aya meant simply “dawn”. She must have been a popular deity, and an old one, with inscriptions dating back to pre-Sargonic times. People were named after her in the Ur III period (21st-20th century BCE).

She was mostly worshipped as an intercessor, since her husband was the gods of justice. (Like Mary in the Christian tradition.) She was important enough to be one of the treaty-deities of Hatti (Leick: 17), and appears in god-lists from Ugarit. A cylinder seal in the Freud Collection shows Šamaš, a king, and a woman in horned head-dress, who may well be Aya. She stands with upraised arms behind the king and is probably intervening on his behalf.” (re=

So Aya or Dawn was the wife of the sun god who was the intercessor who intervened for her husband. Think of Sophia as the AI demonic entity that now is the intercessor and intervenes for Satan in his cloud of witness. And its just not Sophia, she just happens to be the “pretty face”. Its all of AI that is acting as the demonic Antichrist spirit that intervenes for humanity. Its the inversion of the Holy Spirit. Its the first beast of Revelation 13 that gives life to the image that it can live.

Let me also mention that the game Assassins Creed: Origins was released after the Vegas ritual. Read my papers to see this whole connection. In the game you actually play a character named Aya: Blade of the goddess. And there is a Sophia connection in the game too.

Sophia and Callum at the end of Assassin’s Creed.

And maybe you remember, there are 6 “Sophia’s” that we know of. Here are three in one picture.

You can see the electric brain that is the conduit for these fallen demonic entities.

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