The Billy Graham Papers

The death of BG

Billy Graham died at 99. He was a pillar for evangelicalism and nor only that was a pillar in ecumenicalism and a member of a Louisiana Freemasonic lodge. He was in Robert Schulers church (Crystal Cathedral) at one point claiming Muslims have their own way to God and His name is not Jesus Christ. Let me remind Billy in his grave that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. Does that make him a great man of God? (

Billy Graham is Methuselah now huh? These people just don’t get it and these 2 were big proponents of the 9/23 Rev 12 false sign. Why should anyone be surprised this would come out of there mouths. So now watch how everyone will give there “7 year tribulation has now started” since Bill died. Steve, There are many more Billy Grahams out there fleecing the flock. You just don’t realize it because your one of them.


In 1948 Graham said, ‘The three gravest menaces faced by orthodox Christianity are Communism, Roman Catholicism and

– 1963: ‘I admire Pope John tremendously… I felt he brought a new era to the World’ (Chicago Tribune, 8/6/63; Michigan
City News [Christian] Dispatch; 6/8/63)

– 1967: Billy Graham was awarded an honorary degree by Catholic Belmont Abbey College. Graham told a predominantly
Catholic audience: ‘Now we can speak to one another, work with one another and be brothers to one another…That gospel
that founded this [Catholic] school, that gospel has brought me here tonight is still the way of salvation’. (Gastonia Gazette,
22/11/67; ‘Evangelical Action’, 1/2/68)

– 1968: ‘I believe there is a great deal to learn from other religions in the Far East, especially from Buddhism’. (Graham,
Japanese Press Conference; Christian Beacon, 1/2/68)

– 1972: On April 21st, Graham received the Fransiscan (Catholic) International Award for Ecumenism.

– 1973: In the Key 73 Crusade, Graham recommended Roman Catholic literature, including a biography of Pope John Paul
VI, which contained many pages of devotion to Mary, saint worship, the Mass and salvation through sacraments, etc. Graham
advertised this book as ‘a classic devotion’. (Key ’73: Congregational Resource Book; The Gospel Standard, 2/86; Brown,
‘Billy Graham: Custodian of the faith or figure of compromise?’ P.14)

– 1977: ‘We have received wondrous support from the Catholic Church.’ (Christianity Today, 3012/77)

– 1978: October – Graham peached in Poland at Pozan’s Catholic Church. He prayed that ‘The Holy Spirit would unite the hearts of the Roman Catholics and Protestants’.

– 1978: ‘I praise the greatness of the present Pope Paul the sixth’. (Poland, 1978)

– 1978: ‘I am far more tolerant of other kinds of Christians than I once was. My contact with Catholics, Lutheran and
other leaders…has helped me, hopefully, to move in the right direction. I found that my beliefs are essentially the same as
those of orthodox Catholics. We only differ on some matters of later church tradition. (McCalls Magazine – interview, 1978;
The Baptist Challenge, 1/95).

– 1979 : ‘The visit of Pope John Paul II to the United States is an event of great significance…for all Americans – as well as the world. A new interest in spiritual matters could be the beginning of a new wave of spiritual revival in our nation. The Pope’s visit comes at a critical time in our world. My prayers and the prayers of countless other Protestants will be with him as he makes his journey’. (Billy Graham, Religious News Service, 27/9/79 – made available by the Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association).

– 1979: Billy Graham appeared on the Phil Donahue live show and said of the Pope: ‘I think the American people are looking for a leader, a moral and spiritual leader that believes something. And the Pope does. Thank God, I’ve got somebody to quote now with some real authority.’ (Phil Donahue Show, 10/11/79)

– 1980: ‘Pope John Paul the second is one of the greatest moral and spiritual leaders of this century. He is an evangelist.’
He has sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way Christians throughout the centuries have spoken
to the spiritual yearning of every age!’ (Written by Graham in the Saturday Evening Post, Jan/Feb., 1980)

– 1988: ‘World travel and getting to know the clergy of all denominations has helped mould me into an ecumenical being’.
(US News and World Report, 19/12/88)

– 1993: ‘That’s why it’s so important for us to have prayer groups and prayer meetings, and join hands together, whether
we’re Protestants, Catholics, or Jews, and pray, because we’re praying to the same God’. (Jan. 1993 interview with David Frost).

– 1993: ‘I’m delighted the Pope is coming [to Denver]…I admire the Pope even though I don’t agree with him on everything…’ (Graham, 7/12/93 interview by Joan Lunden, ABC – TV, ‘Good Morning America’; More fully documented in Christian News, 9/6/93; Australian Beacon, 10/93, P.8; Calvary Contender, 1/10/93)

– In 1948 Graham commented about the World Council of Churches meeting: ‘I believe they are going to nominate the Antichrist’. Yet since 1968 he has attended all WCC assemblies!

– 1972: Graham said, ‘There is a great need for an ecumenical Christian body much broader in scope than either the World Council of Churches or the National Council of Churches’. (FEA Nov,1972) A 1966 poll showed that Less than one quarter of the NCC leaders believe in the virgin birth and many do not believe in the deity of Christ. The NCC is also pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality. More than 100 of its leaders have been cited for aiding communists organisations. (Report documented by Darrell Turner, RNS Associate Editor, 17/8/91)

– 1991: At a National Council of Churches (NCC) meeting on 27/8/91 Graham praised the group as follows: ‘There’s no group of people in the world that I would rather be with right now than you all…we follow with great interest the things you do…And I love everybody equally and I have no problem in fellowship with anybody who says that Jesus Christ is Lord’.
(Foundation, June/August, 1991, P.34)

– Preaching in Episcopal Bishop James Pike’s Cathedral, at a Council of Churches meeting, Graham prayed for the ‘success of the current assembly of National Council of Churches’. (This same Bishop Pike denied the virgin birth, the incarnation, the Trinity, claimed ghostly contacts with his suicide son and was unofficially charged with heresy. In the San Francisco Crusade Graham had Pike on the platform and asked him to lead in prayer.)

– ‘Astrology is all right as long as it is not taken too seriously’. (Graham in response to a question about Nancy Reagon’s association with Astrology, BBC Radio ‘Sunday’)

– ‘I believe that a miracle can happen in these children so that they are regenerated, that is, made Christian, through infant baptism. If you want to call that Baptismal Regeneration, that’s all right with me’. (Graham, ‘Lutheran Standard’ 10/10/61; Cited fully by John R. Rice in ‘Dr. Graham’s Daring: Facing Both Ways At Once!’, P.3)

– 1993: ‘When it comes to a literal fire, I don’t preach it because I’m not sure about it’. (Graham, Time Magazine, 15/11/93)

– 1997: When asked the question: ‘What do you think of the other [churches]…like Mormonism, Catholicism…Graham replied: ‘I have wonderful fellowship with all of them…I like him [the Pope] very much…he and I agree on almost everything.’ (Larry King – Live show (video evidence available) 21/1/97).

(how many really believe Jesus)?

72 cubits of quantum supremacy. So they say. They just had to go there and name it after a pinecone now didn’t they. Will the quantum Bristlecone control your pineal through AI tech? I don’t want to find out…

I want to throw this in there too. It comes from the wiki entry on a certain bristlecone pine. “Methuselah is a 4,849-year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) tree growing high in the White Mountains of Inyo County in eastern California. For many years it was thought to be the world’s oldest known living non-clonal organism, until it was superseded in 2012 by the discovery of another bristlecone pine in the same area with an age of 5,067 years (germination in 3050 BC).” So the oldest living tree is a bristlecone pine that’s over 5k years old. Methuselah was thought to be the oldest until they find this other one. Take note that Methuselah is what some are calling Billy Graham after his death. And now this new quantum processor….

Billy Grahams obituary. “Even if I killed somebody, I can’t ever be unsaved now.” Really Bill? (

This comes from the Louisiana Masonic Lodge of famous Freemasons. This was taken down in 2007. This and another piece of proof (a Masonic ledger with Billy Graham’s signature) have all but vanished after 10 years. I know this for a fact because I have both of these screenshots that I had gotten in 2007. They are on a old computer that I will have to find. The screenshot I posted came from Cutting Edge website. You can believe what you like, BG was a Freemason.

He was listed as a “Famous Mason” on the following sites:

1. Genesee Lodge No. 174, Free and Accepted Masons, Chartered January 11, 1866 A.D. — 5866 A.L., Under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan, 755 South Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan, Robert (Bob) Orrison, Secretary., page. 3 of 7.
2. Louisiana Masonic Family, Free and Accepted Masons, Famous Masons section, listed under “Other Famous Masons”, This site listed many more men as Famous Masons than did the Genesee Lodge.

If you look at Grahams coffin in this photo it almost looks like these blue lights are 3 pillars. If that’s the case, you are seeing the 3 pillars of Freemasonry. And the middle pillar on his casket is his stairway to “heaven”. I talk about the the pillars in my Vegas Ritual article.

His casket was made from pine by prisoners in Angola ( by a man nicknamed “Grasshopper”. I find that interesting because LOCUST is another name for GRASSHOPPER. Do you see the symbolism without me having to spell it out? “Mr. Graham’s casket was made by inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana in 2006,” Mark DeMoss said. After Franklin Graham conducted a preaching engagement in Angola, Louisiana in 2005 the warden told him inmates had been building caskets for other inmates who died in prison. “He asked if they could make one for his mother and father,” DeMoss said. “The caskets are made of pine, plywood and lined with a mattress pad. A wooden cross is nailed to the top of the casket.” The casket cost about $200 to make and was built by inmate Richard “Grasshopper” Liggett and others whose names are burned into the wood of both Ruth and Billy Graham’s casket.” (

He will lie in “honor” in the U.S. Capital for 2 days (February 28th & March 1st). Not many civilians have been able to do this after death but Billy obviously wasn’t your “average” Christian. He had friends in high places and rubbed elbows with Popes and the Vatican ( There is a lot of symbolism here for the death of the man that changed “evangelical Christianity”. From the pine box he’s buried in, to being buried in a coffin made by prisoners. It seems this man was a slave and prisoner himself…to the sin called apostasy.

This excerpt below was written by Shery Jespersen

Not a coincidence.
Blue light = Masonry.
The blue light of Lucifer is a long held ‘knowing’ who the god of Masonry is. The light-bringer god is blue light, hence ‘Blue Lodge’ Masonry etc and emphasis on blue light. The Ministry of the Graham dynasty is ‘The House Of Blue Light’.
There are no coincidences here.

The point of all this is that the BG ministry was SPECIFICALLY designed to deceive the CHURCH with a mix of ecumenical + evangelical. It worked like a ‘charm’ as intended. Defintion of CHARM: Captivate, lure, dazzle, fascinate, enchant, enthrall, enrapture, seduce, spellbind. “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth?…” Galatians 3:1.

Did you realize the media said the “social luminary” Billy Graham died on Saturday December 3rd, 2011? He’s going to be missed by “all religions”…again.

Essentially Billy Graham preached Christian Universalism. Even at an older age.

Read the article. Another Billy Graham “prochecy”. This time for the Jews. Oh yeah, you should never proselytize a Jew according to Billy Graham. No wonder why they loved the guy.

The hidden beginnings of a redemption process that culminated in the building of the Second Hebrew Temple.

Reverend Graham’s pioneering of a new framework for Jewish-Christian relations based on not proselytizing to Jews was revolutionary, changing a millennium of difficult interactions between the two religions. This was expressed by Reverend Graham himself in his description of his first visit to Israel in 1960 at the behest of his friend, former US President Dwight Eisenhower.

“When I first took a preaching tour of Israel, I stayed with Mrs. Golda Meir, who was then foreign secretary, and promised her that I was not there to proselytize,” Graham wrote of that trip. “Rather, I was there to thank the Jewish people for proselytizing me.”

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, director of Israel365 and publisher of Breaking Israel News, believes that Reverend Graham was a revolutionary in relating to Jews and Judaism in this manner.

“This approach by Reverend Graham’s went contrary to his background as an Evangelical,” Rabbi Weisz told Breaking Israel News.

Rabbi Weisz touches upon this in an op-ed titled, ‘Billy Graham and the Topsy-Turvy Holiday of Purim,’ which will be published in the Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

In the editorial, Rabbi Weisz writes that “Graham was one of the first Christian leaders to publicly acknowledge the debt of gratitude owed toward Judaism and to move Evangelicals away from evangelizing Jews.”

Tommy Waller, the founder of “Hayovel,” an organization that brings Christian volunteers to work in the vineyards of Samaria, never met Reverend Graham but views him as one of the pioneers of the evangelical Christian movement that his organization is part of.

In particular, Waller agrees with Rabbi Weisz that Reverend Graham’s positive relationship with the Jews was a revolution in the Christian world.

“Reverend Graham had a huge respect for the Jewish people and Jewish identity,” Waller told Breaking Israel News. “There was a gospel that if you agree with Christianity, then you can be saved. This was exemplified in the Inquisition and a lot of Christians still operate from this assumption.”

Waller believes that the state of Israel was an essential factor in bringing about this revolutionary change in the perception that many Christians have of the Jewish people.

“The change in Christianity happened when we witnessed Israel become a nation in 1947 and we realized we were seeing God move outside of Christian dogma,” Waller explained. “Billy Graham obviously saw this as prophecy being revealed through Israel.”

“Christianity disconnected from prophecy and Jerusalem but this is beginning to change,” he continued. “When Christians agree that God placed his name on the Temple and Jerusalem, then we can walk together.”

Reverend Graham’s prophetic vision of Jerusalem and the Jewish Third temple was illustrated in a little-known story told in the book, “A Day in the Life of Billy Graham: Living the Message,” written by Deborah Hart Strober and Gerald S. Strober. The Strobers related how, during a visit at the behest of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, the reverend arrived in Jerusalem where he was led on a tour of the city by then-Mayor Teddy Kollek.

Prior to his visit, Graham had read in evangelical publications that many Israelis wanted to build a third temple and pressing Kolleck about the subject, Graham asked if there were such plans in the works.

“We have absolutely no interest in constructing another Temple,” Kolleck had responded. “We feel that the wall is enough of a sacred place to provide a focus for Jewish spiritual observance.”

In his upcoming op-ed, Rabbi Weisz referenced analyses of Jewish commentators on the Book of Esther to connect Reverend Graham’s revolutionary relationship with the Jews to that the way many gentiles in the Persian empire looked at Jews by the end of the Purim story.

And in every province and in every city, when the king’s command and decree arrived, there was gladness and joy among the Yehudim, a feast and a holiday. And many of the people of the land professed to be Yehudim (mityahadim), for the fear of the Yehudim had fallen upon them. Esther 8:17

“Bible commentators debate the meaning of mityahadim, which comes from the same Hebrew word Yehudim, referring to the Jews,” Rabbi Weisz wrote. “[Some commentators] explain that the local gentiles … developed fondness towards the Jews. Mordechai went from being an outcast to a respected leader, and those who were anti-Semites earlier became our allies at the end of the story.”

Since his death, some of Graham’s critics have focused on an anti-Semitic comment he had made many years ago to former US President Richard Nixon. Rabbi Weisz feels that people have unfairly placed too much emphasis on that one mistake by the reverend.

“The Jewish People really need to show appreciation for him and his legacy,” Rabbi Weisz emphasized to Breaking Israel News. “It is sad to see people focusing on one anti-Semitic conversation he had with President Nixon.”

Tommy Waller is in full agreement with Rabbi Weisz.

“Reverend Graham said that if he could take back one thing it would be that thing he said,” Waller said. “Reverend Graham repented. I think people should accept his repentance.”

Ultimately, Graham’s burial on Friday, which is the day that Purim is celebrated in Jerusalem, could not be more timely. He envisioned the rebuilding of the Hebrew temple and Jerusalem, and Purim was the beginning of the process that led to the building of the Second Temple. Moreover, as the Purim story took place in the 70th year of Babylonian exile, Graham’s passing happens to occur not just before Purim but on the 70th year since Israel’s rebirth.


If I do something wrong, I think I just try and make it right, I don’t bring God into that picture,” Trump said in July at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.”

Question: How many Bibles does the holiest man in America need to be sworn in on?
Answer: 2

Trump will use 2 Bibles to be sworn in on during his inauguration on Friday. “President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office using two Bibles — one belonging to Abraham Lincoln, and the other a gift from his mom, the inaugural committee announced Tuesday. The Lincoln Bible, a burgundy velvet-bound copy with a gold-washed white metal rim, was used by two other presidents for their swearing-in: Lincoln in 1861 and Barack Obama in 2009 and 2013. Trump’s family Bible was given to him on June 12, 1955, by his mother when he graduated from Sunday Church Primary School at First Presbyterian Church in Queens.” (

“The inaugural committee said the Bible is embossed with Mr. Trump’s name on the cover. Lincoln’s Bible, meanwhile, has only previously been used by Lincoln and President Obama at his swearing-in ceremonies in 2009 and 2013.” ( “We also learned that Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will read a Bible verse from the Book of Wisdom, chapter 9 at the upcoming inauguration, according to FaithWire. Specifically, Dolan will read the following verse: “Give me Wisdom, the consort at your throne, and do not reject me from among your children. For I am your servant, the child of your maidservant, a man weak and short-lived and lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws,” reads the verse. “Indeed, though one be perfect among mortals, if Wisdom, who comes from you, be lacking, that one will count for nothing.” (

The Book of Wisdom was allegedly written by King Solomon. It’s interesting that they use this book of the Catholic Bible. Notice that its the 9th Chapter that has 18 verses ( and it’s read by a Jesuit. “There are two notable elements surrounding this reading. First, the text focuses on wisdom and leadership and is, thus, appropriate for the inauguration of a new president. Second, it’s accepted by the Catholic Church, but is generally rejected by Protestants and is considered to be apocryphal by many of these folks…As Faithwire previously reported, the Catholic cardinal will be joined by the Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center, the Rev. Franklin Graham, head of Samaritan’s Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International and Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.” (

“Trump’s inauguration won’t be the first in which a Catholic cleric participated. History shows that Msgr. John Ryan, a pioneer of the church’s social justice advocacy who served a long term as director of the U.S. bishops’ social action department, offered a prayer at the President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1937 inauguration.
Prelates who prayed at inaugurations include Cardinal Richard J. Cushing of Boston at the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy in 1961; Cardinal Terrence J. Cooke of New York, at both of President Richard Nixon’s inaugurations in 1969 and 1973; and, most recently, Archbishop John R. Roach of St. Paul and Minneapolis, who was U.S. bishops’ conference president in 1977 when President Jimmy Carter took the oath of office.” (

I think its interesting that this chapter is being read by a Jesuit. The Jews have called on Trump (and Putin) to help rebuild their 3rd Temple (which is Herod’s rebuilt temple of Solomon). So it seems fitting that he would need the wisdom of Solomon now doesn’t it. Trump continues to pander to Christian’s with his motley crüe of support, Paula White and Franklin Graham. Now he’s letting it all hang out and allowing a Jesuit to a read a “prayer”. He will continue to deceive the christian masses by the looks of it. Here is a poll where he has gotten 4/5 evangelicals to vote for him ( Not only that, watch the video in the comments and tell me that’s not creepy.

Trump won’t be the first president to use two Bibles. Obama did this in 2013. “President Obama is putting a symbolic twist on a time-honored tradition, taking the oath of office for his second term with his hand placed not on a single Bible, but two — one owned by Martin Luther King Jr. and one by Abraham Lincoln…Obama is not the first president to select two Bibles — Harry Truman did so in 1949, Dwight Eisenhower in 1953 and Richard Nixon in 1969. ” (

Here is an article on presidents being inaugurated with a Bible ( Oh yeah, Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts will administer the oath on Friday. He’s the same one who did Obama’s inauguration where he messed up not just once, but twice.

And look at what the word inauguration actually means. Augur – (in ancient Rome) a religious official who observed natural signs, especially the behavior of birds, interpreting these as an indication of divine approval or disapproval of a proposed action. Now this is associated with birds as you can see. I’m going to write an article in a few days on the Jewish year of 5777, which is our 2017. I thought this was relevant in light of what a augur actually does. And let me add this, Rabbis drop the the first number of the year when they believe the “messiah” is coming”. And this year they believe the “messiah” is coming. So this makes it 777. “The number 5777 – התשעז has no verses with that gematria. The number 777 – תשעז has one verse with that gematria. That verse is Lamentations Chapter 3 Verse 52. Here is the verse for analysis:
צוֹד צָדוּנִי כַּצִּפּוֹר, אֹיְבַי חִנָּם.
They have chased me sore like a bird, that are mine enemies without cause.” ( Very fitting for this augur now isn’t it?

I’ll leave you with this. “2017 President Trump inAUGURation! Augur Ritual Sacrifice! Do you even KNOW what an AUGUR is? An Augur is an ancient priest who practices augury, meaning they are the ones who will predict the future, by reading the signs and omens of the SACRIFICE! The AUGUR Priest would cut the victim and remove the entrails (guts) of the intestines (internal organs) especially the bloody heart! It was up to the AUGUR to tell the future, give a divine prediction for the future of the people! This is why the President raises his right hand, and then swears an OATH as he makes a promise to Make America Great Again! He faces the Washington Monument which is the Obelisk of the SUN God BAAL, which is why the first Inauguration was held on April 30, the Eve of May Day or May 1st, BELTANE! The District of Columbia, meaning the White Dove! Another ancient practice of the Augur was to be an Omen reader, meaning he was an Owl-Man of prophecy! Birds were seen as spirits, angels with wings, so doves, turkeys, owls, hawks and eagles are sacred birds of divinity and prophecy! The Goddess Athena and her Eagle Augur! USA EAGLE! So, the one who Presides over us as President, is our modern day Augur, our Fortune Teller of the future who promises to bring us great fortune and prosperity, just like we humans have been doing for thousands of years! This is why we watched in the movie Apocalypto the Mayan Augur on top of the truncated pyramid making a ritual Augur Human Sacrifice where he cuts open the willing sacrifice and removes the bloody entrails and then pulls his beating heart out and then makes a divine omen of INAUGURATION for the people!” (A Truthiracy Film Production -Educational Research Truthiracy House of Wisdom)

September 2015 –
January 2016 –

So who got the false Elijahs mantle? Was it his son Franklin or maybe Trump got it? Is Donald Trump the new Billy Graham?


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