Mother (EarthWorshipTheDivineFeminineGoddess) Day

Now we know what they were doing at the Met Gala last week celebrating the Cathloic “Heavenly Bodies”. They were conjouring the fallen.

Catholics and Assyrians want to wish you a happy “mothers” day. The first picture is your RCC “Jesus and Mary”. “August 15th is the great feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven, a holy day of obligation for Catholics. No, the feast is not about us guessing (or “assuming”) that Mary is in heaven; rather, the feast celebrates the dogma of the Catholic faith that Mary, at the end of her earthly life, was taken up body and soul into heaven, where she lives to this day. This is different than what happens to most Christians, whose bodies remain on earth while their souls go to heaven.” (

Did you catch that? “That Mary, at the end of her earthly life, was taken up body and soul into heaven, where she lives to this day. This is different than what happens to most Christians, whose bodies remain on earth while their souls go to heaven.” Looks like their mary is a goddess wth already got that bodily resurrection. Stay far away from this belief

The second picture is called “mother Assyria”. Notice the goddess of fertility and mother child cult imagery? And what are the crops being watered with? Dare this artist say that this is the hand of Jesus pouring out his blood? I don’t think so, my guess is its menstrual blood being that they are into this goddess blasphemy. And what about that passing through the sacred fire door imagery that leads to what looks like the yellow brick road? Stay further away from this belief.

So how could we leave out the religion of the space cult on this mothers day. I should have figured they would do something with Virgo.

“Just in time for Mother’s Day, look up to see Virgo — the only feminine figure among the zodiac constellations, who in a way represents Mother Earth. Virgo, the Maiden, currently covers much of the southern sky during the late-evening hours. Examining the star pattern’s scattering of mostly faint stars, ancient skywatchers envisioned the Greek Earth goddess Demeter, and Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of fertility.” ( Read their article for more nonsense.

I was reading their scifi-tology article and didn’t realize Virgo covered 1,294 square degrees. Hmm. It made me think of that number in scripture…oh what was it…oh yeah, 1,290 days. Close right? In find it ironic that everyone in the astronomy/astrology world including Christians have a lot of focus on Virgo. We do know at one time in history Virgo represented the Nation Israel giving birth to the Messiah Jesus. Not anymore though. And if it does in anyone’s convulated mind, its apostacy harlot modern day Israel. So yeah, 1,290 and 1,294 isn’t that far away in light of what’s been going on and going on.

Something I also want to mention is the 1,000’s of blackholes that have showed up in the milky way. The milky way is known as the cosmic abyss but I like to call it MoLeK’s Way or the cosmic broad way. These 1k blackholes that are 1k points of vanishing light are found near Sagittarius at the feet of Ophiuchus. I won’t repeat my view on Ophiuchus but you can find it in my blog or in my books. I’ll just say he is called the Restrainer.

“In the heart of our home, the Milky Way galaxy, a black hole with a mass of 4.3 millions suns grows. Now, it has company. A lot of company. Astronomers have discovered evidence for thousands of “bite-sized” black holes located near the center of our Milky Way galaxy using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. These are stellar-mass black holes, which typically have between five to 30 times the mass of the sun, and they’re found within three light years of Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s center. From studies of stars in other galaxies, astronomers determined that smaller black holes could slowly drift toward the core and settle there. It’s estimated that as many 20,000 black hole may be gathered around Sgr A*.” (

So what’s it all mean? It sounds like something(s) are trying to get out of that cosmic abyss…but what do I know. It is pretty obvious to me especially with it happening at the feet of the Restrainer ie Ophiuchus. Oh yeah, I also thought it was strange that right directly below these blackholes is what is called the butterfly cluster (last picture).

And how about a little Jupiter news in these last few days?

Jupiter will be the closest to Earth than its ever been…wait, I read it wrong. They said in the last 2 years. It doesn’t matter, The 9/23 Cult will eat this up and say that Jesus is coming back this month. (

And…Now they want us to believe that there are what are called “hot Jupiter’s”? Seriously, these people have gone mad. Planets like Jupiter but hotter than Jupiter that have awakened so now they are named after Jupiter. Makes sense. I mean, you couldn’t have 3 “hot Uranus'” flying around all pissed off. So instead they made 3 replicas of the “king planet”. 3 mind you. What they really don’t want to tell you is that the fallen are leaving there prisons because judgement is coming. Scripturally speaking, which one sounds more believable?

Then even the gods saught aid of Mighty gods, and Jupiter himself felt the need of another Jupiter, fearing lest his power prove powerless.”

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  1. These “hot jupiters” could be representative of the locusts from the bottomless pit, being released. And CERN, right now, is smashing lead ions with protons. Are they about to come out of the abyss now? We watch and see. I did receive a word from the Lord very recently, that a ” destroying wind” ( Jeremiah 51:1) was being released.

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      1. So much is ” converging” right now. Richie from Boston had a fairly recent video about a CNN article basically saying that a ” dark matter” wave or something to that effect, was being released now around the world. I don’t subscribe to him so don’t know much about him, but that seemed to correspond with my ” destroying wind” word, so I paid attention to that. Plus, this recent Alaska earthquake and it having very strange characteristics- not ” normal” earthquake signatures apparently.
        Plus, as you said, those very strange and tragic fires in Paradise and Malibu. Definitely major fire sacrifices to their “god”
        Finally, a lot of the so called new agers who consider themselves ” envoys” of these alien beings ( fallen angels) are saying the ships are here and ready to show themselves! Say what???
        Yep. That is what I have heard them say in various sources.


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