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This comes from Bill Hoard from Nov 3, 2017. He shows interesting parallels between Trump and Herod Antipater. In my opinion, whatever “Herod” you look at, he fits a lot of their parallels. Herod means heroic or hero, everything they were not. Before I show you his, I will show you what initially popped in my head about things he didn’t mention.

If you look at his name Antipater or his nickname Antipas you’ll see something interesting. Anti means against and pater is father. Pater was also associated with Jupiter. At first I thought Trump was getting a Jupiter complex but Macron (self proclaimed Mr. Jupiter) showing up and changed all that. If you look at it in this context, Antipater was the anti father or anti Jupiter, kinda like Trump is. In Luke 13:32, Jesus called Herod a fox which implied he was sly or cunning. “The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee. And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.” Trump is sly and cunning.

Herod killed John the Baptist by beheading. John is symbolic of the two witnesses in Revelation 11. If Trump follows the pattern of Herod, do not be surprised of this same thing happening in our modern day. Je also was part of the conspiracy to put Jesus to death. Herod died a horrible death…

Isn’t it also ironic that the same temple the religious Jews want built today is a replica of the 2nd Temple that eventually turned into Herods Edomite Temple? And they honestly think Trump the builder is gong to do this. Look at these parallels of Trump and the Edomite Herod. By the way, there is a big group of Jews today that believe Trump is actually an Edomite.

Trump is Herod Antipater

Obviously they are not identical, since no two people are the same, but the similarities are striking. Consider the following:

He serves his own power and isn’t really loyal to “Rome.” #TrumpisHerod

Herod Antipater was exiled near the end of his life after playing a political game during a Roman succession struggle. Trump has systematically used an appearance of near jingoistic patriotism as a tool to increase his own power. He did this before, during, and after his campaign for president.

He panders to power hungry religious conservatives. #TrumpisHerod
Herod used the Sadducees (a group of theologically conservative power brokers) to establish and bolster his power base among the people he governed despite the fact that he did not follow the moral or religious dictates of their theology. Religious conservatives make up a central part of Trump’s base and he panders to them by offering them power and a cultural prestige they have not recently enjoyed.

He is creepily obsessed with the sexuality of his own female relatives. #TrumpisHerod
Herod married his brother’s wife, who was also his own niece. Trump has made quite a few really disturbing comments about his daughter and her sexuality.

He is terrified that people will think he is weak; also he is weak. #TrumpisHerod
Herod imprisoned John the Baptist for speaking out against his marriage but actually found the prophet rather compelling in general. He was manipulated into beheading John the Baptist when he made a promise to his step-daughter which he then felt compelled to keep for fear that the people around him would think he was weak if he didn’t carry through on her request for the head of John. Trump seems to be almost viscerally motivated by the need to appear strong, but his inability to shrug off criticism and insult belie the fundamental weakness of his character.

His father was a builder, he built some things too. He thinks that makes him special. #TrumpisHerod

Herod’s father (also Herod) initially gained favor with the local conservative religious power brokers by restoring the Temple in Jerusalem. Having seen the public prestige that had granted his father, Herod Antipater also undertook several building projects in order to secure prestige and respect (though he ended up having to scramble and “patch” some of these attempts which his ignorance of the public’s actual religious positions undermined some of his projects). Trump’s basic boast is that he builds big things.

Herod built a wall (at Beth Haran); Trump thinks building a wall will make him great. #TrumpisHerod

One of Herod’s signature building projects was a new defensive wall at Beth Haran. Trump rose to power promising to build a wall across the US’ southern border.

Trump has a problematic relationship with marriage but is given a pass by the religious conservatives of his day (because he gives them power). #TrumpisHerod

Herod’s marriage to his second wife (his niece who had been his brother’s wife) should have been a total scandal to the conservative religious establishment as it was a flagrant violation of their religious law. However thanks to the cozy relationship he had with them they turned a blind eye to it. In the end it was John the Baptist (a religious outsider who made the conservative establishment extremely uncomfortable) who called Herod out.

He has a really problematic relationship with Syria. #TrumpisHerod

Herod’s relationship with the governor of Syria (Vitellius) was complicated and he ended up having to try and force Vitellius to support him by going over his head. Even then Vitellius backed out of the aid as soon as he could manage it.

He is a misogynistic predator who boasts about the sexuality of underage girls. #TrumpisHerod

Herod infamously showed off his step daughter (apocryphally named Salome) by having her perform an erotic dance for the guests he was trying to impress. He was himself so impressed that he ended up promising her anything she asked for, which led to the John the Baptist debacle. Trump has spoken and acted in incredibly misogynistic and predatory ways throughout his career but particularly with regard to Miss Teen USA contestants. (My comment: look how Trump sexualized Ivanka even at a young age. This is nothing new or something that has been hidden.)

(Most of these facts about Herod Antipater are based on either the Biblical record or may be found in the relevant entry in the New World Encyclopedia (which drew largely on Josephus and Philo of Alexandria).

View at

“Herod’s legacy is tarnished by his vanity and insecurity, which was driven by his inability to move beyond the questions of his legitimacy as king. The Temple — today the massive stones of the Western Wall are all of it that remains — was a palace of the people. But Herod also built massive palaces for himself. Any visitor to Masada will note the overly luxurious regal suite on the northern end of the mountain. The king was used to golden, over-the-top luxury, and wasted no expense in procuring the best architects and the best materials to build his palaces, even if that meant taking on unprecedented debt. He managed to increase his leverage by continued investment in more and more building projects. The Jewish War that broke out in 66 CE, resulting in the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, while a half century after Herod’s death, most likely was triggered by the crash of the construction bubble that hit both the capital market and the massive labor force that was idle once the Temple, Herod’s principal building project, was completed. But Herod’s legacy is tarnished not only by his polices, which set the groundwork for the most traumatic event in Jewish history before the Holocaust. He also became a monstrous tyrant, ordering the murder of relatives and rivals, of any one who posed a threat to his legitimacy, real or imagined.

Herod had become king of Judea through a surprise election in the Roman Senate. He came into power through the cold machinations of his father, an Idumean strongman who taught his son how to use patronage to political advantage. Herod’s Idumean heritage was cause for the lingering question of whether he really was Jewish. He certainly was not of priestly descent, as the Hasmoneans before him had been. The Jewish aristocratic establishment never fully accepted him as one of them. He never was able to shake the asterisk that clung to his title. The question of whether he was a legitimate Jewish king forever remains.” (


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