Trump: Fish head or Crow

Is it just me or does Trump’s hair on the “temple coin” look like a fish? I thought it also resembled a crow.

This is from the Zohar and notice the crow and the chicken. “Tikkun 70 – 31 The judgments and decrees that were given to the other side are revealed from the wings of the crows. Chickens reveal decrees from the pure side. The screams of the crows sound like the Shofar blowing of Tekiah (long blast) Teruah (continuous sequence of short blasts) and Tekiah again. The Tekiah is the aspect of Chessed. If the middle sound is Teruah then it is a sign that time brings elements of stress and hardship. If it is Shevarim (sequence of short broken blasts), then it is a sign of coming chaos.The crow also carries the sound of curses in the world.”

And satire based website The Onion posted this. I thought it was fitting with the article.


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