Their 3rd Temple Facing the West

David Friedman, the ambassador for the United States to Israel received a photoshopped picture of the blasphemous 3rd temple from the Achiyah Institute. First off, let me tell you that Achiyah means “brother (that is, worshipper) of Jah”. There is a belief in some cults that Jesus was spirit brothers with Lucifer. Just thought I’d throw that info in there.

Now do you notice something that’s a little off about the picture? It’s facing West not East. The front doors should be facing towards the Mount of Olives (the green slope) in the East not towards Jerusalem facing the U.S. Embassy in the West. To me, it looks like they are inverting it for whatever reason.

How could they do such a big screw up? Or maybe this was done on purpose? I hate to be the one that says it but the Achiyah Institute, “which assists children with learning difficulties” seems to have difficulties in direction. Or do they? We do know the big majority of Jews pushing this 3rd temple are practicing Kabbalists. Now I want you to read this, but know this, this is done in a open field prior to the Sabbath and not done indoors. In my opinion, there is significance to this Temple facing West in this picture.

Kabbalat Shabbat in the fields, facing West:

Before sunset on Friday afternoon, the time of receiving (in Hebrew, “Kabbalat“) the Shabbat, is unique for Creation. Spiritual worlds begin their ascent. Masculine and feminine archetypes unite. Kabbalistic tradition encourages us to align ourselves with these cosmic mystical phenomena and consequently initiated a few unique practices for Kabbalat Shabbat to help.

We…turn West to greet the feminine archetype of the Divine Presence as she turns to face “us”, resulting in a cosmic union of spiritual forces….

In addition, it is customary that the entire congregation turn to face West during Kabbalat Shabbat, or at least when pronouncing “Come My Bride, Come My Bride…” (“Bo’ee Kallah, bo’ee Kallah“). The mystical origin of this tradition stems from the Kabbalistic understanding that during the weekdays, the mystical masculine and feminine forces (Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva) of Creation are positioned “back-to-back”, meaning lacking full face-to-face union; the Kabbalah explains that at those times, in a sense, the masculine is to the East, facing East, and the feminine – the Divine Presence, or “Shechina” – is in the West, facing West. As Shabbat approaches, we, this time in the role of the masculine (Ze’irAnpin), turn West to greet the feminine archetype of the Divine Presence as she turns to face “us”, resulting in a cosmic union of spiritual forces, with which we are now aligned.” (

We have seen time and time again that these Luciferians have made a covenant or Ba’al-Berith with their Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub. They have invoked and conjoured Lucifer to enter this realm and they do this by invoking the divine feminine or goddess in the form of the feminine aspect of Lucifer. You see these conjouring with Isis and Sophia being done openly in public. They don’t hide it anymore. Remember, in the celestial, Lucifer has a feminine aspect and goes by Sopia or Wisdom. It’s not until he or should I say she, falls to the terristrial or Earth that he becomes this man of sin in the form of divine masculine.

I want to add this also because we know this Edomite Temple will be Masonic in nature. All masonic temples and lodges face the East which puts the worshipful master in the West and the original Temple of Solomon faced the East with the Ark of Covenant in the West.

There are only a few temples that actually face West. “Angkor Wat is a Vishnu temple. There are few temples that do not face east. Among them is Vishnu, Hanuman and sometimes Shiva. Vishnu sits in Shir Sagar [Ocean Milk] and is considered the Supreme God Head personality in front of whom all gods sit. So, if all gods sit facing Vishnu and sit facing east. Naturally Vishnu faces west. Hence the his temple faces west.” Some also believe that the Temple of Jupiter Stator may have faced the West ( and the altar of Jupiter on the Temple Mount faced the West (

The Masonic Temple Faces West

And here is something else that needs to he brought up. In certain cases the Masonic Temple Faces West. Why is this? They model it after Solomon’s Temple and according to Scripture we are told that the Real Temple in Jerusalem was facing the East. There were a few reasons as to why but it needed to face Easterly towards the Mount of Olives. This was so the priests could see the sacrifice of the Red Heifer and (at times) the signals for the new moon.

I came across this interesting blog on the positioning of the Masonic Temple. This is from August 2012. “The Masonic “Temple” has its entrance in the west (on the western side) facing west. There are two pillars at the entrance, on the western side of the Lodge. One enters the Lodge in the West, where one of the Wardens is stationed. The master of the Lodge resides in the East (on the opposite side or on the east side). So, the master is, when seated in his chair in the east, facing west (in the westerly direction) all the time he is seated at his station. Thus far any Mason will be nodding in agreement, as this is indeed the true layout of a Masonic Lodge.

Now let us have a close look at King Solomon’s Temple, the one Masons teach in their ritual is accurately represented by the Masonic one. The floor plan of the Temple was identical in orientation to that of the tabernacle, the mobile version of the Temple in the days of Moses. It is clear from Scripture that the door of the Temple is on the east side thereof, facing east. One enters the Temple in the east and the Holy of Holies was situated in the opposite side, on the western side! This is directly the opposite of the Masonic Temple!

Ezekiel 8:16 is one example of Scriptural proof that makes a very clear reference to this orientation – the door of the Lord’s Temple facing eastward! Have you noticed the major difference between the Masonic Temple and that of King Solomon? They are 180 degrees opposite to one another in orientation! King Solomon’s Temple faces EAST – the Masonic Temple faces WEST. That is a very big and profound difference!”

Read the entire blog here. So it looks like not only do we have Kabbalah connections here but we have Masonic connections. And what does it really matter? They both go hand in hand.

And get this, and I quote, “As is well known, Ambassador Friedman, who is a kohen, participates in the Birkat Kohanim – Priestly Blessing – public ceremony on Sukkot and Pesach, at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.” ( Who knew that ambassador Friedman was Kohen? Does that mean he is a priest for the upcoming temple? Now think about what I wrote yesterday ( and the 10 kings of Revelation 17 maybe being connected to these embassies. So is he one of the priesthood and I noticed his middle name is Melech “melek”, King. By name he is a king.



(translated) “During a working tour of the city of Bnei Brak today, US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, was photographed alongside a large bird’s-eye view of Jerusalem.

The ambassador received the large picture during a tour he conducted of the Achiyah Institute, which assists children with learning difficulties. The institute is supported by the embassy. “The ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the work of the Institute, and with the city of Bnei Brak,and promised to visit us again soon,” a representative of the city said.

Towards the end of the visit, the directors of the Achiyah Institute presented Ambassador Friedman with a bird’s-eye photo of Jerusalem, with the Holy Temple Mount on the Temple Mount – in the place where the Dome of the Rock stands today.

The political analyst of Radio Kol Hai, Itay Gadassi, who interviewed the ambassador, relates that “Friedman’s warm connection to the ultra-Orthodox public could be felt.” According to those present, “you could see the excitement on the face of the American ambassador when he received the gift of the photograph.”

As is well known, Ambassador Friedman, who is a kohen, participates in the Birkat Kohanim – Priestly Blessing – public ceremony on Sukkot and Pesach, at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.” (

And there was an apology issued by Achiyah Institute. Someone is trying to save face now.

Remember that he was visiting Bnei Brak. Bnei Brak means “sons of barak” and is located in the region of the Tribe of Dan. Barak means lightning and “Encyclopedia of Islam, referring to Al-Damiri‘s writings, considers Buraq to be derived from the Arabic برق (barq), meaning ‘lightning’. According to Encyclopædia Iranica, “Boraq” is the Arabized form of “Middle Persian *barāgor *bārag, ‘a riding beast, mount’ (New Pers.bāra)”. Don’t forget that this “riding beast” was also the name of the horse that Mohammad rode to from Mecca to Jerusalem. Riding beast you say? All these connections should perk everyone’s ears.


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