The Rooster Revisited

Let’s start out with this image. Trump, Melania and the Queen in between the 2 pillars. This picture on Friday the 13th got everything rolling for the next few days. Friday the 13th is a day to celebrate for all Freemason and Knights Templars. If you don’t know why then please Google it.

Not only is this day for Freemasons and Knights Templars alike, the occult recognizes this day in honoring their “goddess'”.

Then the next day (7/14/18) we had this…The French soccer team won the World Cup today. France represents the origins of Freemasonry. They played the final game wearing blue while Croatia wore red. You can see the fire/water yin/yang symbology in this final game with the water winning in the end. 4-2 or 42. 42 is represented by the 42 months or 3 and a half years in Daniel and Revelation. It’s represented as a time of testing or great tribulation. On France’s jerseys you saw a rooster that has become France’s unofficial emblem. In the occult, the rooster has been interchangeable with the Phoenix. You can also see the 5 pointed start over the head of this rooster. Last year was the year of the rooster and I showed you connections to Trump with the rising of this rooster or should I say Phoenix. This year we are really seeing it rise but not out of the ashes and more out of the water. And one other thing…notice the 3 “f’s” under the rooster. F is the sixth letter of the alphabet. F F F or 6 6 6. You tell me, does this scream Freemasonry rising like it does to me?

In the article below you will see what they say in relation to the rooster and this French soccer team. They have shown their “faith and light…that…represents the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.”

“The rooster recalls the Gallic origins of the nation, with the symbol initially adopted, linguists believe, owing to a pun on the Latin word for cockerel and the ancient state of Gaul. France’s enemies made this joke because of the supposed stubbornness and brazen pride of the people, but it was to be turned on its head as the French took the bird to their hearts as an icon of their nation.

Regardless of the strange heritage, the rooster has great symbolic value as it signifies faith and light. The crowing of the cockerel each morning represents the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

The rooster played an important role as the revolutionary symbol, but it would become an official emblem under the July Monarchy and the Second Republic when it was seen on the pole of regiments’ flags. In 1830, the “Gallic Rooster” replaced the fleur-de-lis as the national emblem, and it was again discarded by Napoleon III.

Side note: The rooster and the fleur-de-lis. “In 1830, the “Gallic Rooster” replaced the fleur-de-lis as the national emblem, and it was again discarded by Napoleon III.”

Since 1848, the rooster has been seen on the seal of the Republic (Liberty is seated on a rudder decorated by a rooster); it was used from 1899 as a motif on gold 20 franc coins and it occasionally appears on stamps.” (

One other thing I want to mention is the trophy ceremony. It was pouring rain. If we are talking inversions here then this is a spiritual outpouring manifesting in the physical.

And notice the Arch of Triumph in the French promo months before all of this.

The night after…the Venus/Moon conjuction

(7/15/18) Friday the 13th we saw Trump, Melania and the queen in between 2 pillars that were reminiscent of Boaz and Jachin in Freemasonic lore. We know that the Friday the 13th is connected to the Knights Templars. Then today, 2 days later, we saw France in their symbolic garb, win the World Cup. (By the way, watch the occultic and esoteric commercial of the Russian world cup to see why France winning is a big deal.)

Now tonight, the night of the symbolic Freemasonic win, we see a Venus/Moon conjunction. We all know that Freemasonry is nothing more than ancient mystery religion from Sumeria and beyond. But today and tonight is even more special for them…spiritually speaking. The crescent and the star have connected once again and I’m not talking about Islam or Turkey or whoever else reps this symbol. The symbol was first used in Sumeria, where three symbols — the star, the moon, and the disc appeared. Here interestingly, the star did represent Venus while the disc symbolized the sun (Ishtar, Sin and Shamash).

So this ancient symbol can be seen right now in the West (read why below), which some believe to be a bad omen. Not only that, it’s in Leo the Lion. The lion represents the king and this is an inversion of a spiritually bad sign. If you look on the images above, Venus is actually a crescent tonight as is the Moon. Anyone who has stayed with my research knows the rise of Ishtar, Sin and Shamash is near and you better be sealed by the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ.

Oh yeah, the Templar insignia is also this crescent star symbol. 🌟 🌙

The heralding of the gods/archons?

(7/16/18) Most people don’t realize that there were constellations back in the day that didn’t make the modern cut. One happens to be the rooster or Gallus “the cockerel”. It was behind Canis Major or the DOG and above it was the Monoceros or what we know as the Unicorn (I cam talk about this unicorn connection later). We know that last year was the year of the rooster and that this year is the dog. Funny thing that the rooster is behind the dog in this ancient constellation. Above it, the Monoceros right foot is a star. It looks very similar to the French soccer teams logo. The star above the rooster.

The rooster is also associated with Orion. Orion, “the heavenly shepherd” was represented as the leader of the giants or gods and the rooster was the animal symbol heralding these coming “gods”….”both constellations represent the herald of the gods, in his bird and human forms respectively.”

“The Babylonian star catalogues of the Late Bronze Age name Orion MULSIPA.ZI.AN.NA,[note 1] “The Heavenly Shepherd” or “True Shepherd of Anu” – Anu being the chief god of the heavenly realms.[6] The Babylonian constellation was sacred to Papshukal and Ninshubur, both minor gods fulfilling the role of ‘messenger to the gods’. Papshukal was closely associated with the figure of a walking bird on Babylonian boundary stones, and on the star map the figure of the Rooster was located below and behind the figure of the True Shepherd—both constellations represent the herald of the gods, in his bird and human forms respectively.” (

“The lore of the True Shepherd of Anu (SIPA.ZI.AN.NA – Orion and his accompanying animal symbol, the Rooster, with both representing the herald of the gods, being their divinely ordained role to communicate messages of the gods.[29] “The Heavenly Shepherd” or “True Shepherd of Anu” – Anu being the chief god of the heavenly realms.[30] On the star map the figure of the Rooster was shown below and behind the figure of the True Shepherd, both representing the herald of the gods, in his bird and human forms respectively.” (

A few other interesting things about the rooster in relation to this French symbol…”In Chinese Taoist and fengshui beliefs, the white cock – protection from and chasing away demons…The Rooster’s direction is associated with West (death and burial).” The white rooster is facing the West on the jerseys. Add this, “In Pahlavi texts: “The cock is created to oppose demons and sorcerers, as a collaborator of the dog. As He says in the Religion: those are the material creatures, those are the collaborators of Sros [Sraosa], the dog and the cock … for that cock, they call the bird of righteous Sros. And when it crows, it keeps misfortune away from the creation of Ohrmazd” (

In Islam, Mohammad saw the white rooster as his friend because it announced the presence of an angel. “The cock is also venerated in Islam: it was the giant bird seen by Muhammad in the First Heaven crowing.” In some Judiac/Christian circles, the worship of the rooster is equivalent to Baal worship. “In the rabbinic literature, the cockcrow is used as general marking of time”, and some of the Sages interpreted the “cockcrow” to mean the voice of the Temple officer who summoned all priests.”

I think we can see what is going on here….something is coming.

I find this image interesting also…


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  1. So happy to see your post brother. Something is definitely coming… spiritual warfare is also increasing. But
    G-d, He’s so amazing. I don’t doubt he will give us the strength to endure, come what may.

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