It’s a TRAP(pist)!

The devil has inverted everything. Quite literally, everything nowadays is upside down. Someone sent me these images from the Trappist 1 website. The first has Aquarius upside down representing the inversion of this Trappist 1 business. Notice how its the pinnacle or “capstone” of these stairs or pyramid? This represents that Aquarius is the way to their enlightened state. Hence the Age of Aquarius. The shadowy images coming out of it reminded me of a movie that I can’t think of at the moment. If anyone thinks of what it may be, please comment below.

The 2nd image is with a child representing the ancient astronauts (fallen one’s) saluting Trappist 1 system while bees are flying in the bubbles. A girl at the top had one eye covered with these bubbles. What’s the deal with bubbles you may ask? Hold on, I’ll get to that. But first know that these bees come from the body of the Serapis bull (Osiris/Apis) at death representing rebirth. The demonic Serapis spirit in the physical is represented by these bees. The bees come from Aquarius (the water bearer) who has been connected to both Nimrod and Osiris. They believe Osiris is to be resurrected in the Age of Aquarius.

Now about those bubbles. Notice there are 7 of them….their great breathe.

“A term used in theosophical literature to describe how matter is created by “digging holes” into space by Fohat. The Secret Doctrine states that “the great Breath digs through Space seven holes into Laya to cause them to circumgyrate during Manvantara” (SD I:147). These holes have subsequently been described in later theosophical writings as the “bubbles of koilon” (Annie BESANT and Charles W. LEADBEATER) which are seven on the Ādi plane, 49 bubbles on the Anupadaka plane, 2,401 on the Ātmic plane, and so on until it becomes about 14 billion bubbles on the physical plane (496), representing the bubbles of an ultimate physical atom (aṇu). Koilon is the term used in Occult Chemistry to describe the finer aether of Space. Hence the bubbles, which constitute matter, are really the absence of koilon. Koilon is originally a Greek term meaning “heaven.”

The term “bubble” was also used by Helena P. BLAVATSKY to describe the mathematical point or primordial cosmic seed that contained the entire universe, identical to the Monad of Leibnitz. “This is the first bubble on the surface of boundless homogeneous Substance, or Space, the bubble of differentiation in its incipient stage” (CW XII:523).” (V.H.C., © Copyright by the Theosophical Publishing House, Manila)

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  1. Supposedly in eastern astrology Aquarius is the Red Ox or the Red Heifer. The Age of Aquarius (The Age of the Red Heifer) begins December 2019 and last till 2021. I know bits and pieces of it because I’m an aquarian with ascendant in Taurus.

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  2. I’ve seen posts from ppl that believe in the Age Aquarius. They seem to be tying Luke 22:10 into the event. Its the scripture where Christ tells the apostles when they enter Jerusalem a man “bearing a pitcher of water” will meet them and they’re to follow him to the house goes to and enter with him. They seem to think Aquarius will lead them to the “house” where Jesus will be.


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