Our House: The Internet of Things

But what makes you so sure your interacting with your parents? What if the machine isn’t bringing people back exactly, just amplifying the energy that’s already there?” – Hannah

Houses are as haunted as you make them.”

I watched a movie last night called Our House. It’s your typical “uh oh, we opened a door way to another dimension” movie. But there were a few interesting things about it. What caught my attention about the trailer of this movie, was that they were trying to use a Wi-Fi type of signal to power electricity. This made me think of what is going on with the Internet of Things, 5G and what is called Li-Fi. The movie has all kinds of symbolism in it and to people who have discernment, it’s easy to spot. This isn’t a review per say, but just a few of my thoughts in context of this movie.

The device is called Eli short for Electromagnetic Induction, which in Hebrew Eli means ascent or high. This can remind you of the quote in Isaiah 14 of the king of Babylon wanting to ascend into the heavens. The five “I wills”. This device named Eli, starts with it coming on and having the numbers read 666 on both sides. When going at full speed it looks like a pyramid without a capstone that has a red staircase going to the top. I think these are all the obvious. I’m gong to post my paper on electronics and the connections to demonic entities here (http://hiddeninthecrag.com/2018/07/28/electric-demons/) so I suggest you take a look at it.

When watching the trailer you will see what I have already mentioned. This movie had me thinking when they said a few certain things. I thought of “time travel or time machines” in context while watching this movie. What if, time machines or time travel was doing just the opposite of what we think them to do? We have the Back to the Future image installed in our brain to see it like that, but what if its the opposite in reality. Let me explain. In the spiritual realm demonic entities and the Angelic entities have no sense of time and space. That is my assumption through my research. If this is true, then when spiritual entities enter into our dimension or realm, they’re in fact time traveling and these machines in these movies like Eli, are only time machines for entities to enter into. We all know them as portals or gateways. But just maybe, this is what a time machine or what time travel actually is.

And to make it even simpler, portals/gateways are nothing more than the use of electronics. Is this the purpose of 5G, the Internet of Things and Li-Fi? And I hope you recognize the Li-Fi connection to “light bearer” in all of this. Demonic entities need AI as a conduit which in turn needs the use of heavy electronics and radiation in all of our houses. The Internet of Things brings the IT into our daily lives. If you haven’t followed me for a while then you will miss the IT connection to the spirit of this ancient Nephilim spirits. The watchers who are now in your house…everywhere. And let me also mention to those who have followed me and kept track of everything I’ve written, is the use of Annabel in this movie. Yep, the little girl had a raggidy ann doll that was named Lulu (Lucy for short, and the feminine of Lucifer).

For those who don’t get this, please go to my blog and do a search on this so I am not repeating myself. Anyways, Becca the little girl, gives her doll (representing the clown Nephilim spirit and possession from a demonic spirit) to a entity called Alice. “From the Old French Aalis, a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis, which was composed of the elements adal “noble” and heid “type”. Alice became popular in both France and Britain in the 12th century. Alice derives from the ancient greek word ‘alethéia’ which means ‘truth’. That’s why Alice means the truthful one.” This was to protect Alice and keep her safe. So Lulu or Lucifer was protecting Alice as she came out of the “rabbit hole”. Do you get it. The rabbit hole is demonic and symbolic of the abyss or bottomless pit. This is why some rabbit holes are too dangerous to go into. They have no end.

So Alice was this dark demonic spirit in the form of black aether who was represented as truth that was being comforted by Lucifer ie Lulu. Now let me go back to the opening qoute.

But what makes you so sure your interacting with your parents? What if the machine isn’t bringing people back exactly, just amplifying the energy that’s already there?” – Hannah

Now if you think about this on context of 5G/6G then you will see where I’m going with this. In my opinion, this electronic radiation based energy is in fact enhancing the spiritual realm and we will see more of this wickedness in people coming out as the Internet of Things gets stronger and stronger. I think this movie is very telling of what is going on than this just being a horror film. But that’s my opinion.

A few papers connected to this electric demons idea:


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