The Space Force Already At Work?

Santa Rosa. Africa. Greece. Redding. Alleged “wildfires” that melt cars and engines into liquid and leave trees and grass untouched seems to be the new thing. We are seeing these types of fires more often. So what does the “space force” have to do with any of this?

I hope you realize what they meant by “space force” now. It is to police you using direct energy weapons. By the way, I don’t think these lasers of high energy (radiation) are being sent by these giant planes with big bubbles on the back of them.

I think these dew weapons come from satellites. Have you wondered why they are sending so many satellites into the atmosphere at an alarming rate? (I also have another theory on these satellites) Here’s your answer. It’s for the “space force”. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Read these 3 papers I did last year.

And have you ever looked at the space force logo?

Now look at it upside down.

Do you see a “angel” with its crown as an inverted pentagram? Hmm, maybe this is their god of forces? And when you turn it right side up, it’s as if it’s falling to earth. This is Trumps space force, here to protect you from yourself…through the use of fire.

Go to October 24th in this paper:

I wonder if this was part of Jerry Brown’s Executive Order B-52-18 and the Forest Carbon Plan.


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