The Red Heifer Was Born

Tuesday August 28th (17th of Elul) a red heifer was born in Israel. If this heifer doesn’t have any blemish after 3 years they will use it for the ashes to rebuild a Temple. This is the first step of my theory coming to fruition. If you want to know what this all means then get my book, it explains my theory. As you will not only find out in my book but in their article below, they believe this is the 10th red heifer that will usher in their false messiah. This heifer is an abomination and stench in the nostrils of God. Jesus fulfilled this red heifer sacrifice at the cross and the church will suffer the same way.

“Last Tuesday, the Temple Institute’s Red Heifer program was blessed with results; an entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service and marking the final stage of redemption…According to Jewish tradition, there will only be ten red heifers in human history with the tenth heifer ushering in the Messianic era.Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides), the most renowned medieval Jewish scholar known by the acronym Rambam, wrote in his explanation of the mitzvah that “the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king, the Messiah; may he be revealed speedily, Amen, May it be God’s will... Almost 30 years ago, Rabbi Yonatan Adler, who is also an archaeologist, performed an in-depth study into the textual references to the site where the red heifer was burned, publishing his results in in the Torah journal Techumin. His calculations, based on the Holy of Holies being located where the Dome of the Rock stands today, led him to a spot where Dominus Flevit, a Catholic Church built in 1955, now stands. Archaeological surveys discovered unique characteristics of the site that corresponded to descriptions in the Talmud.” (

They released the story to the press on Wednesday September 5th, exactly 8 days after its birth. Notice that 8 days in a male birth is the time for a circumcision. The cutting away in the form of a covenant to God. I believe they waited on the 8th day to tell everyone there was a possible heifer sacrifice was to make that spiritual connecting with the people and form a covenant with them. Which by the looks of it they have. Christians and Jews are mesmerized by this announcement.

The 8th day in scripture also denotes a new creation or new beginning. Here is another interesting connection in Leviticus 23:36-39–at the institution of the Feast of Tabernacles, the LORD commanded Israel:

For seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. On the eighth day you shall have a holy convocation, and you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord.

Can you see the connections here as to why they waited 8 days to say something? And let me give you something to think about. Some teach that the “great white throne judgment” is the spiritual fulfillment of the “eighth day”, which follows the last “great” day of the Feast of Tabernacles. This 8th day could represent are final judgement and this blasphemous birth of this genetically modified heifer may be the spiritual turning point for all of us. To bring about Gods judgement.

Their Astronomical Placement

I also want you to notice the astronomical placements of the Moon which represents the divine feminine. Everything means something to these mystics and Kabbalists. The Moon was new and it was in the tail of the constellation Cetus. Cetus is the sea monster or “beast of the sea” that was known as a whale. For those who have followed my line of thought in the past them you know the beast of the sea theme has been moving full steam. The beast of the sea is the Antichrist spirit that is in control of those earth dwellers who are not sealed with the spirit of God through His Holy Spirit.

On a interesting side note, the Mari called Cetus KANE. If you go back to my study on Cane being a black bull and Abel being a red bull, the black bull or Cane kills the red bull which is Abel. Abel was the prototype of the red heifer sacrifice at the hands of his own brother.

So why the birth in the tail of Cetus. That’s where a whale birthing takes place first off. In the rear near the area of this new moon. The red heifer will birth a spiritual component to it when it is put to death and burnt and we are seeing the spirit that will be behind it. The beast of the sea. Also take note that the Moon is in a Pisces sign which is related to water. In esoteric astrology, Venus is said to rule the sign of the fishes, where she is traditionally said to be exalted. So we see this divine feminine coming into play at the birth of the red heifer.

Now if we go back to the press release 8 days later we see that this happened when the Moon was inbetween the eyes of Taurus. It was made known publicly when the Moon, their divine feminine was in the position of their third eye of enlightenment (which is connected to the spiritual mark of the beast). So at the birth the Moon was coming out of the beast of the sea and at the time of the announcement the Moon was in the beast of the earth. All representing the birth and covenant of this red heifer. I cannot even make this up if I wanted to.

There is also a mythological connection to Hercules here with both of these constellations. In the myth of Hercules, the labor of Pisces is said to be the capture of the Red Cattle of Geryones. Geryones kept a herd of red oxen, which fed together with those of Hades, and were guarded by the giant Eurytion and the two-headed dog Orthrus.” (

What happened on 17th of Elul in history? Go back to 1935 And the Nuremburg laws were passed.

“In 1935, Nazi Germany passed the Nuremberg laws, a set of racist policies directed primarily against Jews. The Nazis blamed the Jews for poverty, unemployment, and the loss of World War I. Jews were banned from any professional jobs and Jewish stores were boycotted. Anyone with even one Jewish grandparent was stripped of German citizenship, with no basic rights. Within 10 years, the Nazi genocidal machine had swept through eastern Europe, leaving 6 million Jews murdered.” A biblical event that happened the day this heifer was born was that Noah released the dove after the flood. We can see that this heifer being born on this day is only the beginning of an ancient Antichrist spirit that will be released in the future.

Now they waited 8 days to release this news based on an inspection of the heifer by the rabbis. It was Wednesday September 5th but in the Hebrew calender it is 25th of Elul.

  • 25 Elul – The 1st day of the world according to the Genesis creation narrative(3761 BCE)
  • 25 Elul Jerusalem Walls Rebuilt (335 BCE)

So they released it on their anniversary of what they believe is the first day of creation and the walls being rebuilt. Both representing new beginnings. I think this announcement on this day represents the birth of the new era for all of us. I suggest you get my book.

I lastly want to bring up the 3rd year it will be ready to burn if this is THE red heifer. Most rabbis want the red heifer ashes for Passover. This would make it Passover of 2022. Now if they do it before Passover and do it around the time of the jewish new year it will be in the Chinese zodiacs year of the Ox. This is very significant in the occult especially if its genetically modified like I suspect.

Look at the symbol for the ox. It’s the same as the cross of cain or Lorraine. It is the esoteric double cross. We will see in 3 years if this heifer is burnt in 2021 which is the year of the ox. Once again, get my book to better understand this.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rabbi D and commented:
    I’m currently in the middle of reading False Signs in the Heavens,
    but it is very interesting that the red heifer is being talked about again all of a sudden. A cloned red heifer, I don’t put past the Sanhedrin (FAKE JEWS🔯)… let’s not forget, they killed our messiah JESUS CHRIST. This has been long planned….⤵

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    1. Amen and Hallelujah,brother! Thank you..The Angels in Heaven,have been rejoicing,as you have faithfully shined divine light,on Father God’s(Our Heavenly Creator AND Our True Messiah,Jesus’s/Yehoshua’s), Truth!! Do not be troubled,dismayed,discouragednor wearied,by the darts and arrows fired at you/us,by the evil one(and his great army building among men),shot against you/us,for speaking/writing,Truth,brother. You are righteous and faithful,in all you’ve done to bring forth The Truth,to all those chosen(&led),to find Truth.May we all,be found worthy,In His Sight;Adorned in Spotless,White Garments,upon Our Lord’s Final Return/Arrival,being abundantly blessed(yet weary of this world),and deserving of Salvation;Judged Rightly and Fairly,having run the Long Race and fought,the Good Fight.Amen&Hallelujah!!Thank you,brother.Not much time remains,until we will all,be caught up together,to meet face to face.:)Praise and Glory,To Our Father God and Our Savior,The/Our True Messiah, Jesus Christ.:)Peace,Love,Grace and Mercy,unto all His Chosen,forever and ever,Amen. Stacie / hummingbird9762

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  2. About your 2020 Visions and Proverbs 29:18 article. Before my parents passed away I kept hearing tune in my head and had to try and find the name of it. It turned out to be the old “This Land Is Mine” song by Andy Williams. I told my siblings to prepare themselves we may lose one or both of them. Dad paased in 2014 and afterward I kept hearing the tune again. Some the lyrics to the song remind me of how dad used to talk to mom and she passed away in 2015. Being from southern Az I felt there’s going to be great issues regarding land but another thing about the song struck me as very startling. The song is based on the theme to the Paul Newman film “Exodus”. Which means a mass leaving of people.

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  3. About your nanocrown virus article. The contoversial televangelist, the late Kim Clement, mentioned in a sermon a vision where he was in a vast dark chambet of some sort. He confronted a large coiled serpent. He said the air was very dry and dusty and it was becoming more and more dusty till he began to cough. Then he noticed it was the snake agitating the ground and disturbing the dirt causing the dust to rise. The snake kept flicking its tongue out then he realized it was tasting the dust. The series of sermons he got out of it is what he called a pythos spirit, or spirit of divination. Your mentioning dust and snakes reminded me of his story. A friend was a viewer of his ministry and I was perusing his work one evening and took note of the python he mentioned.


  4. About your dream of the concrete cubes. I was reminded about something I once heard about ancient Roman concrete. That it gets stronger in sea water.

    Also, about the bugbear creature. I spoke with an elderly woman who said she had an odd dream of encountering a sasquatch in the mountains on a dark night. She happened upon it while it was standing in a shallow pit and was building a stone wall around it like some kind of primitive bunker. It saw her, stood upright from its work and said in incredibly clear rational English, “You’d better build something like this for yourself. Something is coming.” Then it went back to work and ignored her. Then she heard a voice that said, “If you run to the mountains, don’t go to the loose clay, choose stone of this kind…” then she saw what appeared to be varieties of stone granite. The Native Americans had a name for the sasquatch that meant Tall Man. He too was a boogieman used to frighten children.


    1. Thanks Sean. For some reason people are having to go to other posts, like you have done, to comment. I can’t figure out why comments are off.

      Those are great comments. Thanks for sharing. I will add your comments on the blog being that they are relevant to all this. Thanks again


  5. Really!!! NYC zoo TIGER tests positive for coronavirus. Big cats were coughing so to err on the side of caution they got tested and yup they have it. I can’t even comment on how absurd this is playing out.

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