The 2 Arches: from darkness to light

As the Arch of Triumph is being set up next week in Washington D.C or the District of COLUMBIA, another famous Arch goes black to make way for the birds. The Gateway Arch went black with its lights out starting yesterday (9/17/18) until October 1st. This is to let the birds migrate. In Scripture, birds have been symbolised as demons and this whole thing reminds me of augery. Let me also point out that before I post about augery and the story, Trump was doing his first national test for cell phones on 9/26/18. This has been postponed until October 3rd which is after the Arch leaves Columbia. I suspect in my opinion, today this test is somehow affiliated with AI and our cell phones. But maybe that’s just in my conspiratorial mind. Maybe the birds and arches have something to do with it?

Are we seeing a ritual, from darkness to light? Remember Trumps darkness to light event a few weeks back? Go to my blog here to read it. So…what is augery? “Augury is the practice from ancient Roman religion of interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds (aves). When the individual, known as the augur, interpreted these signs, it is referred to as “taking the auspices”. ‘Auspices’ is from the Latin auspicium and auspex, literally “one who looks at birds.” Depending upon the birds, the auspices from the gods could be favorable or unfavorable (auspicious or inauspicious)…in Rome it was through birds that Jupiter’s will was interpreted.” (

Here is the Gateway article. “The end of September is the peak migration period for birds migrating south for the winter,” Mares says in a press release. “In order to avoid the possible disorienting effect of the monument’s upward lighting on birds that migrate at night, the Gateway Arch’s exterior lights will be turned off for the last two weeks of September.”

The Arch goes dark on Monday, September 17, and should resume its normal illumination on October 1. At that point, the lights go on at 7 p.m. nightly. (And, for the record, those are new-and-improved lights: 44 outdated fixtures were recently replaced with 26 new-fangled ones, which better focus light on the Arch’s legs and also increase energy efficiency.) ” (

One Gateway goes dark for the beacon of light gateway….the Arch of Triumph.

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  1. Craig,

    Did you block me from commenting on your FB page? I tried to ask you a question but it didn’t post.

    I sincerely apologize if my knee jerk comment last week offended you. By way of explanation, I had just had a long conversation with my mom about when the communists took over and how afraid she is about all that’s happening (she was crying). I was overwhelmed with it all and I should not have said what I said “there are serious things going on” in light of the spirit of your post.

    Would you please forgive me? I’m only human and I’m humble enough to admit it when I make a mistake. L I did make a mistake and I regret it.

    I give you my word that I will never post anything negative again.


    ^ ‘ ‘ ^

    / . . \ ”’

    o \ \ @)

    _^_///\\\ @

    { }

    { } \\\ { }

    (_| (_|

    Yvonne Nachtigal


    1. I’m not sure I know what comment that was. And no I haven’t blocked anyone or deleted any comments on there. People have told me that for some reason they can’t like my stuff which is weird so I don’t know. You didn’t offend me in anyway. No worries


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