Truth is like ice

5 days before the Arch of Triumph went up at the National Mall, a group of poets and activists set up an ice sculpture in front of the US Capitol building that said TRUTH. I’m not really too concerned on why they did it, but I thought the symbolism and timing of the whole thing was interesting. It was put inbetween where the Arch was to stand and the US Capital. It melted in about 5 hours and their question to everyone was, “what is truth and is it disappearing?” The easy answer…YES. One thing that caught my attention in one of the pictures below was that the 2nd T was gone to show the Capital building in its place. Remember, this building is where “democracy” happens for not only us, but sets a precident for other countries. The building was in the place of the T.

Now the T in my opinion is a representation of the cross. Let me explain. When I had gotten saved, God spoke to me about my last name. For me personally it impacted me. My last name is Patin. It’s not a common way to spell my name and there are a lot of variations to it, so it’s pretty rare seeing it spelled this way. He told me to take a close look at my name. I didn’t get it. He told me how the spelling is rare and to look at it again. I still didn’t get it. He told me before I came to the Cross my whole life was full of pain. And it was. He told me to look at name again and He wanted me to look at the T in the middle of my name. He told me that this T represents the cross I came to. The cross of Jesus took all my pain away. He said that when I take Jesus out of my life the pain comes back. He told me to look at my name and take the T out, which represents the cross of Jesus. He asked me what it spelled? It spelled Pain.

It may not matter to some people but that simple lesson on what He showed me admit my name blew me mind. Nothing is just happenstance or coincidence and this is why I see things the way I do. The T in this TRUTH ice sculpture is gone. It didn’t melt before the other letters. It wasn’t Photoshopped out. It was gone. Taken out purposedly. And in its place was where “democracy” molds lives, not the cross of Jesus.

To answer their question, “what is truth and is it disappearing?” Here is their answer. Truth is knowing Jesus Christ. He is the Truth and when He isn’t present, well your gonna experience some pain. Sometimes we slowly leave the cross and its like this ice slowly melting away and 5 hours, 5 months or 5 years later, He isn’t anywhere to be found. But the pain we ran from suddenly crept in again. Or sometimes its faster than ice melting and we just take out the cross in our lives ourselves. Is Truth disappearing? Yes. Whether its by our own admission or not. Jesus isn’t in that building and He never was. Truth has left that building long ago.

You don’t need a melting ice sculpture to know truth doesn’t exist in DC. Jesus is the only truth you need. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me” – John 14:6

And look at the pic below of the H. Kinda like a Arch right?


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  1. Can u pray for me, I’m very lost. I know alot about scriptures and God has allowed me to see much but I’m a drunkard that has sobriety at times. My story is long and full of tribulations and transgressions. I can’t get back to the me I was long, long ago. And when I am unhappy, I am of little use to others. What does my last name mean to God?


  2. Interesting to read your personal connection of God’s grace in your life with the missing “T” and your name 😉 It was a noticeable absence in TRUTH. Just saw this even on Sept. 18 (the week before the arch set-up)!! 225 years ago George Washington laid the #USCapitol cornerstone:
    Photos from the 225th Anniversary of the Laying of the #USCapitol Cornerstone ceremony in National Statuary Hall. – Truth of the Masonic foundation of our Capitol. I updated my blog and added your latest 😉

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