The Arches entrance is really their exit.

Wow. I’m a little blown away. I just watched a video by Mr Cati and I never caught what he mentioned in it.

Did you realize that the pictures of the Arch that are taken for the media are all of the Arch facing the exit side? I had always assumed that the Arch was facing the entrance side but its not. When they unveil it we are looking at the exit side of it, not the entrance side of it. Why is that? Why would they set it up so that we are inside the Arch looking out? I think it has to do with the rest of the as above so below phrase. So within so without. Do you get it. It was a ritual on the public all along.

1st image: Original entrance to the Arch in Palmyra. Notice the notch on the right side with keystone slipping to the right.

2nd image: Obelisk centered in the Arch entrance. Keystone slipping to the right.

3rd image: Original exit of the Arch in Palmyra. Notch on the left side with keystone slipping to the left.

4th image: US Capitol building centered in the Arch exit. Keystone slipping to the left.

They have been deceiving us all along. But there’s more I gleaned from his video that I posted above. Daniel Valles did great research on this Arch and noticed that every Arch placement was near a clock tower. This represented time or more specifically Chronos/Kronos. This is Saturn.

MrCati brought up the fact that the placement of this Arch was also near water. Now if you will follow my research then you know how important this water symbolism symbolism is. I have went over this quite a bit, and this water (the nation’s) represents the releasing of the spirit of antichrist which in Scripture is known as Leviathan. This is the first beast of Revelation 13. You can go back on this blog and look at all my articles I’ve written on the water symbolism or you can get my book False Signs in the Heavens: their God is Jupiter. It is all there.

I will try to touch on this water connection to the Arch being set up at a later time. I’ll leave you with this though. Speaking on the water demons connection to the Arch of Triumph being placed around water. Here is the entrance to SEAWORLD in San Antonio. That’s interesting right?

Cati believes the Arch is sending a signal and he’s right. I’ve mentioned that before and Roger Michal even admitted that this is what the Arch is doing. Cati thinks its happening through numbers and it may have something to do with that. But, Alexy (the curator for the Arch) who is present at every unvieling is into magnetic properties in sculptures. The Egyptian marble its made out of carries a magnetic property to it. You can find all this research in my book.

I also want to point out MrCati’s number connection here. We know the Arch is on 6th Street at the National Mall. 6th street in the National Mall is an extension of the NW to the SW. It is still 6th street but is not labeled that way on a map. Cati believed the middle 6 was missing and counts the six grass squares from the Washington monument. Here he gets his 666. O don’t think he needs to do that. If there is a missing 6, which I don’t believe there is, its found in the Arch itself. This is the 6th placement of this Arch and there you can get your 666.

And he (Cati) had found a connection with the distance from the back of the Arch in DC to the US Capital. 923 km. What are the odds of that? The symbolism with the Arches front now facing the Capital building is interesting. It means the Capital or the womb is now birthing towards the entrance that leads it to the phallus. I do believe this even straightens the theory that the Arch is an axis mundi for these people. It’s all completely demonic.

Below are the maps and pictures of the unvieling at each location. All locations are by water and they are unvieled with the public looking inside out. Everything backwards. It reminds me how occultists do rituals with either backmasking their language or writing backwards. And these locations with the red pins are approximate, not exact.

Trafalgar Square, London

Florence, Italy

Arona, Italy


New York

Washington DC

Let me also show you the time lapse video of the Arch going up in DC so you know it is going up backwards. Notice there are 7 pieces tp their “Arch of Peace”. 7 is completion in scripture.

I want you to notice the original Arch in Palmyra. The entrance faces East and this is towards the back corner of the Tempe of Bel (Baal).

When standing at exit of the Arch of Triumph facing East you can barely see the top of the Arch or entrance of Bel (Baal). In the first image it is top center/right. You can barely see the entrance to this Bel temple.

In reality you are looking at the back of it (N/W back corner).

It is beyond me how people can even call the Arch of Triumph the entrance to the Tempe of Bel (Baal), when it is infact outside and across the street of the actual Colonade where the Arch of Triumph stands. Not only that, the entrance or Arch of Bel (Baal) for the Tempe faces South. That is all directionally wrong.

Now forget about that for a second. Why would every unvieling for this replica of the Arch of Triumph show us looking at the backside of the Arch. Does it have anything to do with “looking” towards the East to the Temple of Bel? Or are they placing the public inside of the Colonade which is the heart of Palmyra? I would be interested in knowing the reasoning.

And one final thing. This was posted Oct. 2nd by Arona Mayor Alberto Gusmeroli. I’m wondering what he means by “we are waiting for you”? He jumped the gun in a post when it was leaving Arona and said it was heading to Paris. It never did. So where is it going October 12th? It is going to the Hague October 17th. Is it making a pit stop somewhere?

The Statue of Freedom stands atop the US Capital building. She is eerily similar to the goddess Columbia.

This is where the birthing of “democracy” takes place. Remember, this was on the entrance side of the Arch being welcomed into the presence of the phallus of Osiris. Washington sits as the god Jupiter on the ceiling of the Capital while his Washington Monument sits across from it. Remember when I said their god is Jupiter?

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  1. It’s also interesting to note that the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial (Between the arch and the Capitol), has 4 bronze lions, somewhat similar to Trafalgar Square. According to the back history, it was once touted in the news that these 4 lions were exact copies of the ones from Trafalgar Square (but they are not). Also interesting that House of Cards really plays up these lions, too…

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