Atoning Jewish Roosters

Late post from September 16th.

The evening before Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement the religious Jews take out a chicken and swing it over there heads or children’s and believe this chicken will atone for their sins for that previous year. This happens tonight or like 10 hours ago in Israel. It’s funny really. They won’t believe GOD came in the flesh to atone for not only every human being being but for creation itself. And then they think we are the wack jobs.

Anyways, did I say chicken? I actually meant ROOSTER. That’s right! A freaking ROOSTER! So do I need to go over rooster symbolism again with you? Here it is in a sentence. The rooster is interchangeable with the Phoenix and the shekinah or divine feminine that the Jews daven (air copulation to a wall) to at the Western Wall is actually represented as a Phoenix. Trump was identified as the rooster by quite of few different groups. I’ll post my blogs below on the rooster connections. So here is a article on Kaparot or atone by rooster.

“Prayers are then recited, indicating the function of the rooster as a substitute for the individual. The rooster is twirled three times around the head of each man; a hen is used for women. Both birds are then slaughtered and given to the poor. Some people have substituted money, in this ceremony, for the rooster or hen.

One need not go as far as those scholars who see the Kaparot as originating in an offering to Satan in order to understand the many objections to this ritual. Kaparot follows the pattern of the scapegoat, a ritual of riddance, but comes too close to superstition in indicating that one may substitute the death of an animal for one’s own life.” (

Here is the most recent article:

What kind of Ashes do you think the Phoenix Rises out of?

The ashes of the red heifer will be burnt within 3 years if this red heifer is there sacrifice. We also know that Trump is not going anywhere and that he will be around in 3 years. We also know Trump has been symbolized as a rooster and that he was elected in the Chinese year of the rooster. The rooster is interchangeable with a phoenix in the esoteric and occult. The Jews worship the divine feminine in the form of Shekinah and they love Trump. The divine feminine or shekinah is symbolize by the Jews as the red heifer and also the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes. The Shekinah is there light. This is who they copulate too at the Western Wall when rocking back and forth. It is called Davening. They are in fact committing spiritual fornication with their divine feminine or their light. The Arch of Triumph of Palmyra has been symbolized by the IDA as a beacon. We know that a beacon is a light or something that puts out a signal. No one can tell me that this is just all a coincidence.

So let me ask again, what kind of ashes does this Phoenix rise from.

Sylvia Plath also alludes to the phoenix in the end of her famous poem Lady Lazarus. The speaker of this poem describes her unsuccessful attempts at committing suicide not as failures, but as successful resurrections, like those described in the tales of the biblical character Lazarus and the phoenix. By the end of the poem, the speaker has transformed into a fire bird, effectively marking her rebirth, which some critics liken to a demonic transformation. The poem ends: “Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / And I eat men like air.”


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