The Arch Tree of life, the Wizards of Oz and the Eternal Lion

Have you noticed the engraving on the exit side of the Arch of Triumph seems to be some sort of tree or plant. It looked an awful like the esoteric vascular “tree of life”.

Esoteric Vascular Tree of Life

The replica (exit)

This takes the Arch being a “gate or portal” of sorts to a new level. And thinking back to the National Mall unvieling with the exit side facing the phallus of Osiris that leads out to the womb of the Capital building with Columbia on top of it. By the way, some cultures call the palm tree the tree of life. PPalmyra

means palm tree

Who is in charge?

I mention this in my first book but it seems some people did not catch on to it. Did you realize the Arch is funded and backed by the Dubai government and Museum of the Future? Here is the first article that mentioned making replicas of ancient sites that have been destroyed.

Dubai: The Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation will play a vital role in a joint global project to document ancient heritage monuments across the region by taking up to one million digital images of the sites using three-dimensional imaging technology.

For the next two months, the project will be carried out under the supervision of a group of archaeologists from Harvard University and the University of Oxford in cooperation with Unesco.

The foundation said it will build an electronic platform to manage the massive database of archaeological images. It will also distribute 5,000 three-dimensional cameras to partners and volunteers to photograph the heritage sites in the region. Images collected from volunteers and partners will be indexed and kept ready for the 3D printing phase of the project.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future announced the partnership on Wednesday with Unesco and the UK-based Institute for Digital Archaeology (Ida).

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the museum’s deputy chairman and managing director, said, “The civilisation and human heritage of the region must be preserved for the future generations as a global responsibility, taking into account the valuable contributions of the region to the progressive march of humanity.”

“It is important to preserve heritage sites as they serve as a source of inspiration for innovators and pioneers to build the future,” Al Gergawi said. “What we are doing today is part of our efforts to give back to the history of our region and build on the achievements of our rich past.”

Irina Bokova, director-general of Unesco, said: “Extremists want to impose a different vision on the world. They want to tell us that there is no memory, that there is no culture, that there is no heritage.”

Dr Roger Michel, Executive Director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, said, “With gracious support from the Dubai Museum Of The Future Foundation, the Institute for Digital Archaeology will redouble its efforts to restore to the landscape of the Middle East the great symbols of our shared cultural heritage that have been destroyed or defaced. These symbols — the architecture and objects of the ancient world — speak powerfully to what unites East and West and so are needed now more than ever. The UAE is a great friend of this important work.”

Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation, said the global partnerships comes as a part of the strategic vision of the museum to build long-term cooperation with academic and scientific institutions and research centres in all areas, highlighting the UAE as a progressive nation on the global map.” (

Shortly after this announcement, the IDA was honored wth getting the Apollo award. The point of this isn’t really anything except that they agree to make the Arch of Bel (Baal) and then they get an award that’s called the Apollo award. It was the start of getting the Arch of Triumph built. The Arch to none other, Apollo.

I also want to bring up the archeologist Khaled al-Asaad. He had been the resident Palmyra archeologist for 4 decades and was beheaded and then his body hung in Palmyra.

This poor guy caught the raw end of the deal because I believe this was all part of their plan. Most of us already know that ISIS is nothing more than paid mercanaries who I suspect have ties to Erik Prince’s Blackwater. We already know that funding was directly tied to John McCain and then its pretty easy to see that ISIS is a United States plant that grew until Trump came in. Have you heard about ISIS lately? Nope. Nether have I.

Anyways, I believe Asaad was not just an innocent bystander but those that killed him were looking for something in particular and Asaad wouldn’t give it up. Ironically his name means Eternal Lion and one of the first pieces shown in a Museum that was from Palmyra was a lion in the Temple of Al-at.

Everything is upside down.


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  1. WordPress really wants to bring the this points of this blog home….. Replicating themselves….like that pattern on the arch….LOL

    Creepy and revealing at the same time…..

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    1. I don’t know what’s going on with it. The app crashed probably 50 times while trying to do this blog. I didn’t even get it finished to tie some things in. It replicated itself yesterday afternoon and took me a good 30 mintutes to delete it. Then it Did it again lady night and I said forget it and published it. I’m glad you noticed. That wasn’t my doing. Lol

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  2. Just an FYI….about ISIS…..Just heard…. According to Dave Hodges of the Dave Hodges Show- ISIS has now apparently infiltrated Antifa and have plans to start stabbing concert goers…so they are trying to rear their ugly heads here in the USA …..

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  3. Maybe this is WordPresses version of ” shadow banning” They did it to me on YouTube- completely removed several videos from my YT channel even though they are still uploaded. They are not displayed on my channel so no one can view them. Particularly my. Most important ones such as who God showed me was the Beast/ Antichrist etc. and my info on the Mark …. Oh well…

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  4. Why do you ask? No, I have looked into it and considered it, but I tend to think at this juncture, that what happened in the garden was some kind of spiritual fornication when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil which Eve was told not to eat of, was a corrupt tree, Satan the sepent. She tasted of his corrupt knowledge as did Adam and their eyes were opened and sin and death entered in at that point. Jesus said that a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. They ate of the bad fruit and suffered the consequences. I do wonder though as to how she gave birth to Cain first who was the first murderer. Perhaps he was produced as a result of taking part of Satan’s lie and corruption.


      1. I’m trying to remember which video. On one hand , the fallen angels commingled their seed with human women and produced Giants as a result. Did they follow the example of Satan of what He did in the garden? What are your thoughts about it?


      2. I confirmed it with Mara de Groot. She told me this in her statement.

        Dear Craig, Indeed. We unfortunately had to cancel, because our both institutions did not find mutual understanding on how to cooperate. We will publish a notice on our website.

        Best, Mara

        So where is it off to now? Paris? Or maybe Jeruslaem?

        Thanks again for the headsup. I do appreciate it. God Bless.

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      3. The Mayor of Arona made some cryptic comment last week about him being excited to see the Arch on October 12th. 5 days before The Hague event. I’m wondering if its finally going to Paris first?

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