If you are a honest researcher of scripture and don’t mind being offended than please listen to this. I don’t know or follow Nehemia Gordon other than I do know he has a pretty extensive background in the Hebrew language. If you didn’t like him for whatever reason than don’t listen to this, but trust me, you will be missing out on some interesting research.

I will write on this in the next few days. There are a few things I can add to his research, other than that, it’s got a solid foundation to stand on. Their god is Jupiter.


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  1. I don’t agree with Yahweh = Jupiter. That seems kinda blasphemous. Yahweh is just an expanded version of YHWH. You need to check out Dr. Michael Heiser instead for his take on Yahweh.


  2. What is wrong with so many millions of people that God the FATHER is Yahweh? How many times is the name Yahweh in the New Testament? Zero. How many times is the name of Yahweh in the book of Revelation? Zero. How many times is the name of Yahweh mentioned in the GODHEAD? Zero.How many times has the god of Judaism simultaneously been the God of Christianity? Zero. How many times has claiming a miracle in the name of Yahweh worked? Zero. How many times did Jesus say His Spiritual Father’s name was Yahweh? Zero.

    Last time I checked we might possibly have the makings of a pattern here. Yahweh’s chances of being God is equal to the chances the Moabites have for getting into Heaven. Who are the Moabites anyway? Were they street preachers back in the day?


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