The Asterion Bull Star

The Minotaur named Asterion who is the guardian of the Temple is in Toulhouse, France for a few days. Asterion (meaning starry), is an attendant of the starry-god Astraeus. Astraeus is an astrological god who is known as the god of the dusk and the winds. Just one of the many Ba’als. Astraeus is the father of the 4 winds and the 5 planet’s. I mention (throughout the whole book) in my book the significance of bull worship and how it has been known since the very beginning. And this bull worship will rise in these last days.

Watch the videos.

They say “he will be reborn by the waters of the river in favor of the new blue moon”. Think back to January with the blue moon, super moon and blood moon happening all in one night. These people continue to do these rituals but don’t have a clue spiritually. Jesus is our strength. The Aleph is who we stand behind. The real and original bull of strength.

“Asterion the articulated Minotaur 14 meters high is in Toulouse . This new “character” of the company La Machine is the protagonist of a show that will last 4 days in the pink city. It is 14 meters high and weighs 47 tons. To handle it and give it life, it takes 16 people.

The Machine is a street theater company founded in 1999 and directed by François Delaroziere . It is born from the collaboration of artists, technicians and decorators of shows around the construction of atypical objects of spectacle. The work we are developing in the public space concerns primarily theater, urbanism and architecture.

“Toulouse marked by gold, fire, blood and water, will see his temple disappear. His guardian buried underground will remain. When the sun rises on the temple finally discovered, fifty equinoxes will be necessary for him to come back to life. Protector of the city, he will be reborn by the waters of the river in favor of the new blue moon. Wandering in search of the temple, lost in the heart of the labyrinth, only Ariane metamorphosed will guide him to his new home. ”

I noticed that symbol is very close to the Mesopotamian symbol of Anu. He was the sky god and called the god of the fathers. His children were the Anunnaki.

The only difference here with the symbol on the bull is that it is 6 points and this one is 8. The 8 pointed star always represented Venus or what you said Ishtar.

I want to bring up what someone mentioned on my Facebook page. Bryan Davidson says this. “For those unaware, vav vav vav (in Hebrew) = 3 nails = 666. This is why Monster energy uses the 3 vavs…Interesting. Yes, with 6 it becomes a hexagon = cube = core of a hexagram = 666. The 3 apparent nails (if meant to be) would add redundancy to that, amplifying the power of the ritual theurgy. The 3 nails are used a lot, as in the Jesuit’s logo (and they are likely behind that 2-beast spectacle).”


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  1. Wow, you’re a genius. How do you find these connections? I mean they must have added that fourth vav to try to conceal their true nature, but you see right through that! I was a sceptic of all this until the Illuminati funded ‘research’ claiming that religious fundamentalism as they call it is caused by types of traumatic brain injury. They say people seeing such patterns are succumbing to affirmation bias to stabilize and reinforce their world view. But we know that’s just their propaganda. It clearly shows they are trying to marginalize us. You see into the code!
    Keep prepping. Not that you’ll need it, as a believer such as yourself will be taken up in the rapture, but one can never be too safe. (Check out my store, if you can find it 😉 Don’t fall for that Doomsday Prep store endorsed by the Illuminati science community’s media front national geographic, sci, Discovery. Just see their website!)


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