Elon Musk wants to take you to “Mars”…and by “take you to Mars” I mean in another dimension.

A co-worker today asked me if I thought Elon Musk would use virtual reality to send people to “Mars”? Just without even thinking, I said it could be a possibility if they somehow morphed astral projection into a virtual or augmented reality scenario. It reminded me of the kid in Insidious astral projecting into that dark dimension or the girl from The OA projecting to what I believe was Saturn’s cube. I think this going to “Mars” thing isn’t actually going to a “planet” that is terra formed like the Earth. I think its all coded with war and in this case it’s directly related to going to another dimension. A dark demonic dimension.

I believe that scripture interchanges stars with angels and so called NASA science interchanges stars with planets and satellites. I personally believe for a fact that what NASA calls planets are not planets like the Earth, but there are Angelic beans or entities and this is why they are worshipped as gods throughout different civilizations. If this is true, then that makes going to Mars a whole new ball game. If Elon Musk can somehow muster virtual reality and more fit into astral projection, then this means going to Mars is in reality a spiritual concept.

You see, sending people to Mars and being encoded as going to war, that actually mean that the war is for your mind and your soul. I’m going to post a few links that will show you how the government has used astral projection 4 going to Mars, and how Elon Musk is now interested in using virtual reality and this could be connected to all his space programs. and ironically there are people now who are trying to combine astral projection with virtual reality and use occult science with ancient spiritual mysticism.

This is my theory on what sending people to “Mars” means.




Look at this site and what they actually promote. “Jesus”, Whales, “redemption” and stairways.

The other day I talked about Elon Musk possibly using virtual reality to get people to go to Mars. I will do a paper on the connection to virtual/augmented reality and astral projection to show you why I think he will use this tech to take you to “mars”. The video below is a good example of vr.

I started writing a paper a few months ago that I never finished based on my theory on how Musk and Trump are going to send people to the Moon and Mars. It’s just not physicaly going to happen because “planets” are made of gases and other elements that aren’t physical like our terra firma. Your a kook if you actually think people have stood on a planet or are going to colonize a planet. Besides that, planets in scripture are interchangeable with angelic entities and my view holds that these planets that we see every night are in fact that.

Anyways, the Japanese have come up with a way to go to Mars and the Moon that lines up with my own theory that I was in the process of writing. “A Japanese airline wants to send you to space. Well, not you exactly, but a robot avatar that you can control in real time, while seeing through its eyes and feeling what it feels through haptic feedback.

All Nippon Airlines (ANA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have just announced the Avatar X programme, an initiative to build these advanced humanoid drones and send them to space.

“The giant leap will be in bringing human consciousness and presence to a remote location,” says Kevin Kajitani…” (https://www.newscientist.com/article/2178994-japan-wants-people-to-virtually-embody-avatars-orbiting-in-space/)


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