Paradise: Gas vs Propane

I’m in a group Rebuilding Paradise. I’ve talked to a few people and have learned that not everyone in Paradise had PG&E gas and in the outlying areas the residents all had propane. I’m told all of Magalia was on propane and this confirms the tanks from previous posts about Magalia. The tanks that I have seen did NOT explode because they all have a bleeder valve on the backs of these tanks. It doesn’t matter how big or small. So if Paradise was split with Gas and Propane as far as the houses go, that may raise some new questions about the houses catching on fire. I’m assuming those with gas with smart meters were surged but what about the houses that ran off of propane?

Natural fire or maybe it something else was going on there. I’ve read some theories on ELF waves creating “lightning storms” underground (yes that is actually real) and this explains mind why we saw trees, power poles and other wood in the ground catching fire from the bottom up. I was never sold on the Laser explanation as far as that catching fire. People in Paradise swore that the trees and poles caught fire like that because of old burns in the past being “dormant” and then suddenly catching the roots on fire (yes that is a real thing too).

This lightning theory is very interesting and actually backs up my spiritual entity theory that something blasted out of the ground. Not only that, I was told Magalia resevoir was literally boiling. That means something below it was lighting it up like a kettle on a stove. Remember that there is also an ancient lava flow underneath that whole mountain. Look at the topography of Google Earth and you can see it. So this lava flow could’ve been part of the reason as to why things caught on fire from underground first and maybe this is why we see cars and houses being burned the way they were. We were seeing natural electrical currents at it’s best. I wonder how lave flows are similiar to say plasma. I’m no expert so I’m just asking questions. I don’t doubt DEW lasers were used but not in the case of these trees and poles. DEW just isn’t lasers per say, Directed Energy Weapons are also microwaves and electromagnetic waves. Microwaves and ELF (extremely low frequencies) are what could affect a lightning storm underground.

Another thing I was told is that there wasn’t just one “eye of the fire” but several. And they were all over the area. So this means there were multiple hotspots and several sources to this fire. Look at the image below and you can even see it there. Residents told me they were trapped by these “eyes” for 8 hours beefier they were saved. Their words, not mine. This is something new to think about.


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