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They claim the “Camp Fire” started because of an arcing powerline. I find it strange that after this fire we saw quite a few arcing power line incidents. People want to claim it was DEW in the form of lasers but I disagree. There are some that now want to say everything that is fire related is also “laser” related. I think it’s a lot of hype and sensationalism and that people aren’t thinking things through but would rather just post as soon as they find something. We may all be guilty of that.

But, is there a correlation here to the Pulga incident and what we saw a month later in Louisiana, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and now Mexico and Brazil. It seems arcing powerlines are the new “thing”. Why are these powerlines arcing so violently now? And by the way, arcing powelines aren’t an anomaly in and of itself but the length of these events and the power it’s producing is an anomaly (imo). And why the glows miles high in the sky? I have suggested that it is related to 5G and AI (by the way, Google AI controlling power grids and see what you find), but I believe there is a deeper spiritual significance to all of this. For some reason I keep thinking of the movie Pulse. It seems we always come back to these “electric demons”.

Have you heard of space electricity?

“Now PG&E has gone ahead and collaborated with Manhattan Beach start-up called Solaren Corporation. But what put this deal apart from others? Actually Solaren Corporation aims to launch a series of giant solar collectors into orbit 23,000 miles above Fresno. They will beam the energy to earth in the form of radio waves. Now PG&E has finalized a contract with Solaren to buy the power on one condition if they can make the technology work.” (
Solaren (

I think it is all about Quantum Computing, Communication, Entanglement or whatever you want to label it. But it when labeled it definitely needs to have QUANTUM before it.

These are some what ifs and a lot of questions…I’m thinking out loud here.

You have to know what scripture says to sift through all of this New Age talk. But quantum communication and entanglement may be where they want us all headed. Of course they do right? Maybe we are half way there and we don’t realize it yet. I wondered how Facebook App could actually “read my mind”. The tech has been there for years and finally after this last year, others are seeing how real it is. At first I thought I was crazy but the “man” behind this iron curtain has been Dave (D-WAVE) all along. Quantum communication and entanglement is how they are achieving this. Read this article and keep in mind that the FB app right now, is able to get your thoughts. Crazy right? No it’s not. It’s all completely demonic but they all have labels for it.

I want to point out that these thoughts that I have had in the past have actually ended up on my FB wall. And this only happens when using the app. Crazy? Nope not yet. I wondered how this could be happening but this article answered my questions. Remember in the Replicas paper I mentioned the retinal scan? Well this may be how this “telepathic quantum cummunicating” is actually happening. Through our eyes fixed to the phone. The eyes are the window to the soul. The eye is the lamp according to scripture. The eye is the biggest CULT in the world. It’s all about the EYE. Is this how they are able to get thoughts from people? Is this telepathic mind control using quantum entanglement? What will happen when they have quantum computers or phones in everyone’s hands? How will quantum computers actually work in homes and through what conduit? Are the problems we are seeing presently with the arc power grid issues today due to quantum whatever you want to call it?! Am I sounding crazy? Yeah probably so but I think this world is long past microwaves and electromagnetic waves and all of that. They want our mind. First they gave us the WEB, now we are getting ENTANGLED in it. 5G is the trial run….

View at

I’ve always said that 5G is old news. The Dutch know what they are doing. 6G and Quantum Internet. Very interesting stuff when you read about it. Maybe quantum computers in an absolute zero cube needs a colder environment. Maybe this is one of the many reasons why there is now the push for “dimming the skies” as far as geoengineering goes? Terraforming the Earth for their quantum world. The more I read about it, the more it all makes sense.

Did you know the Chinese sent up a quantum satellite in August of 2016 called Micius. ( Micius also called Mozi was a Chinese philosopher. Here is a strange connection to Ai in all of this. “The concept of Ai (愛) was developed by the Chinese philosopher Mozi in the 4th century BC in reaction to Confucianism’s benevolent love. Mozi tried to replace what he considered to be the long-entrenched Chinese over-attachment to family and clan structures with the concept of “universal love” (jiān’ài, 兼愛)…Later in Chinese Buddhism, the term Ai (愛) was adopted to refer to a passionate caring love and was considered a fundamental desire. In Buddhism, Ai was seen as capable of being either selfish or selfless, the latter being a key element towards enlightenment.” (

More on quantum computing. “Research into these quantum particles is already underway in various countries and laboratories, but TU Delft has now made a big step in entangling the particles. That was still in the heavily experimental phase and it took forever (especially in internet terms) to intertwine two particles. A new technique now makes it possible to entangle a particle up to forty times per second and then you are at a speed that you can really start testing with quantum internet. Of course that is the next thing they will do, so a connection is now being established between Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden and The Hague. It should be functional by 2020. In the four cities a kind of extremely strong fridges will be put down which are needed to intertwine particles and these will then be connected to the regular optical fiber network. That is where the interlaced light particles go through and if that all works according to plan, there is a start of the quantum internet.” (

Read the Bird Box connection to all of this here:

Photons are light and they are used in Quantum Computing. 2 photons interacting gives you Quantum Entanglement. These 2 photons communicate instantaneously with each other no matter how far apart. What is a photon exactly? Light right? Photons have been used in the analogy to that moment of conception when a male sperm fertilizes the womans egg.

But that’s not a photon exactly doing that. That is creation happening. Quantum theory and computing and all that quantum stuff we didn’t understand is life in another realm as far as some quantumites are concerned. It’s not the “life” like they think though. I’m working on how photons react with other “lights” like electricity or power grids. I think you can see where I’m going with this as far as that picture goes.

So it seems the ” electric demon” is really just that. It reminds me of the 2006 movie Pulse.

And in context of what I’m saying here, this is interesting.

The ampersand (&) is short for “and per say and”. The & in PG&E is lit up yellow by a ligtsource coming from above. The & symbol was originally written like eT. ET is Latin for and. We also know ET as Extra Terrestrial. AI is the new ET.


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