#MAGA: Make America Great Again again

Even they think he is but he’s not…#maga

“Maghā (मघा) literally means “mighty” or “great.” Known as “The Mighty One,” Maghā is often symbolized by a palanquin, a house, a royal throne room, and a chariot. All of these suggest the importance of the human body as a vehicle of the divine…Maghā resides between 0° and 13° 30′ Simha (Leo). The bright star Regulus is Leo’s principal, first magnitude star (alpha Leonis) and emits the blueish color.” (http://jyotismati.com/learn-jyotiṣa/nakṣatram/magha/)

Maga also translates into witch in Latin. It is familiar with the word magi of Babylonian.


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