Vaccinations: just another bull/heifer/cow ritual

Vaccination. We all know what they represent nowadays. For some, death. The word has become tabboo because, well in my opinion it is. Vaccination comes from the word vaccinia, a cowpox infection. Ultimately from Latin vacca (“cow”). The term was coined by Edward Jenner (1749-1823) who infected people with weakened cowpox viruses (Vaccinia), to immunise them against smallpox. Bull/cow worship has been around since the great debacle at Creation. Enoch even used bulls and heifers in the story of Adam/Eve/Abel/Cain. With the rise of bull worship around the world and the coming red heifer abomination, should we be surprised to know the word vaccine comes from vacca (cow). This should better help explain the importance of bulls/cows/heifer worship to these people and that a vaccination is nothing more than a ritual. The ritual to keep your immune system unhealthy and hopefully eventually kill us all.


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