A Few Thoughts on the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Spire

The “spire” represents a phallus, particularly Osiris’ phallus. It is nothing more than an obelisk on a building. Notre Dame’s burnt and fell to the ground on April 15th. The 300 foot spire was made of oak and 250 tons of metal. Oak represents the divine masculine and if you follow my blog you will see the oak symbolism quite a bit. Macron “Mr. jupiter” gifted Trump an oak tree a few months back and Trump dug it up after their ritual planting at the White House and got rid of it. You have an interesting France connection to all of this.

If you remember, the Paradise fire started in the oak trees. Go read my papers on it because I explain why the oak was significant. There was also a covenant made by the Jews in the Book of Joshua at Shechem by the oak tree. This was their ba’alberith or covenant to the lord of the flies, Beelzebub. The oak tree is very significant in the occult and in Chaos Magick. So it should be no surprise that the spire of Notre Dame represents an oak phallus.

Did you know Catholics around the world burn an wooden effigy of Judas along with his wooden phallus. They do this on “Black Saturday”, the day before Easter. In the Catholic world, Notre Dame was their visual and symbolic representation of their “faith”. Burning that spire was a direct attack on Catholicism and you saw this by the reactions of Catholics around the world. You can look at this fire from different angles and they all may be valid. I don’t care who started the fire or how it happened, but I suggest this was a sign from GOD that this false worship is falling and burning to the ground. From the inside out.

This burning phallus spire is the symbolic effigy of Judas (Catholic Church) who has betrayed Jesus. This is what the end of their covenant under the oak looks like. Fires and embers. But maybe this was another invocation and ritual to bring about the Man of Sin. Ba’alberith.

Have you noticed the 3 rose windows on the Cathedral look like CERNs LHC?

Gargoyles and Chimera

By now everyone has seen the posts of the gargoyles that sit on Notre Dame. These gargoyles are representing demons and they are actually functioning architectural waterspouts. If you think spiritually you know water represents the nations or peoples and is a huge part symbolically of openly showing yourself to be a follower of Jesus. In the case of these demonic water spouts, it’s just the opposite. They spit out water and cover the sides of this demonic building.

The most popular demon that sits on Notre Dame that is called the protector of the building that overlooks Paris is called The Stryge. It means vampire but technically its not a vampire or a gargoyle. I’ll explain why in a minute. It is called a grotesque or a chimera and it is supposed to be the face of a woman who has the feet of a bird. It is one of the only statues that doesn’t spout water.

Ironically a Dutch 3D stone printing group called Concr3de has said they want to rebuild the spire (phallus) that burnt down with their printing capabilities. This all comes on the heals of the Arch of Triumph being presented in Geneva at a conference that focused on rebuilding landmarks that have been destroyed during war time. I knew someone would want to rebuild this spire. Concr3de is that someone.

The gargoyle they already printed is an accurate recreation of Le Stryge – a well known demon figure that sat on the cathedral’s roof. Using 3D scans which were already available on the Internet, they printed the figure from a mixture of limestone and ash – similar to the materials found after the fire. The team used a 30x30x30 centimetre Armadillo White printer. “It’s a custom inkjet 3D printer that is fine tuned to work with stone and stone-like materials. It prints with 0.1 millimetre precision and the cool thing about these printers is that any geometry is possible without the need for supports. It also allows for significant material customisation.” (https://www.fircroft.com/blogs/could-notre-dames-new-spire-be-3d-printed-91142414521)

Now Concr3de has coincidentally already made a replica of the Stryge. Why? Because this demon in my opinion, who is the overseer of the Cathedral that is “the heart of the people”, is actually a “goddess”. Remember that this happened a few days before Easter which is nothing more than Ishtar or Inanna worship. Look at the images of Ishtar/Inanna and you can see this woman has wings and bird like feet. Who else just recently coming back in the news has bird like feet? Momo. If you haven’t read my article on momo then I suggest you go to me blog and do so.

“Chimeras and gargoyles
Chimeras only decorative. Unlike gargoyles, chimeras are only decorative. These fantastic, grotesque or devilish creatures were imagined by the architect Viollet-le-Duc at the time he restored the cathedral from 1843, to give the building its medieval atmosphere. These creatures seem to contemplate Paris and dissuade, by their ugliness, the evil to enter the holy place. The Stryge, inspired by the Roman chimera composed of a woman’s head and a bird’s body, is one of the most famous. Perhaps, in drawing it, did Viollet-le-Duc think of the character of Quasimodo, the hunchbacked hero of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo?” (http://passerelles.bnf.fr/images_commentees/cathedrale_nd_paris_01_1.php)

The vampire connection comes from the word Strigoi. “Strigoi (English: striga, poltergeist) in Romanian mythology are troubled spirits that are said to have risen from the grave. They are attributed with the abilities to transform into an animal, become invisible, and to gain vitality from the blood of their victims. Bram Stoker’s Dracula has become the modern interpretation of the Strigoi through their historic links with vampirism. Strigoi originated from the Latin terms strix and striga,[citation needed] the root of which relates particularly to owls and commonly appears in related taxonomic terms for them as well as for blood parasites such as the Strigeidida. Cognates are found throughout the Romance languages, such as the Italian word strega or the Venetian word strìga which mean “witch”. In French, stryge means a bird-woman who sucks the blood of children.” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strigoi)

The heart of Paris is wicked and it’s watcher is in the same spirit of Ishtar.


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