The Age of the Red Heifer

I got this comment from my blog from “sean h”. Very interesting. Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Red Heifer. I’ll be looking into this…

Aquarius is holding a water vessel and pouring it out. This is a water symbol but an air sign in astrology.

The air blows the water causing waves which gives the hebrew mem symbol. It looks like waves and this is why the Aquarius sign looks like that. A fancy version of Ba’al?

Now the ashes of the previous red heifers were said to be in clay vessels. Some theorize that the clay pots Jesus used at the wedding in Cana were the clay pots that held the water with ashes. This is when He changed water into wine signifying there was no need for the ashes of the red heifer.

Aquarius-pouring out water from a clay pot.

Red Heifer-water and ashes mixed that are poured out from a clay pot.

Waters of purification from the DEAD.

Some depictions have Aquarius as a woman. Interesting that she has red hair in one. Columbia has red hair who is none other than the goddess of Liberty and a type of Sophia (wisdom) who also has been depicted with red hair.

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