Vendyl Jones – the Noahide

If I could find these things, the Supremacy of Judaism would be proven” – Vendyl Jones

Vendyl Jones was the man who originally claimed that the ashes from the red heifer were located in the caves at Qumran. He believed that they were located there based on the infamous Copper Scroll. His whole archeological research was based on a erroneous translation that he came up with. He actually said at one time, that Spielberg based Indiana Jones off of him. Spielberg denied this.

What some don’t know is that V.J. was a American Noahide or son of Noah. He supported Zionism in the twisted shell of Judaism. They never find any ashes in the cave but actually made claims that hyssop that was used for this sacrifice was found growing outside of the cave. He also tried to make a claim that the kalal (the artifact for holding the ashes) was featured on one of the Temple coins. None of this was or is true.

He is one of the men that got the ball rolling for the Jews to start searching for not only the ashes but to find a red heifer. He was a Noahide. He wasn’t your great Christian like some wanted to portray. He was more interested in the “supremacy of Judaism”. The reason why we see Christians supporting the red heifer is based on men like him and Clyde Lott. I will leave you with a qoute from Jones but you can read part of an article from Biblical Archeology from 1996 below. “The hole we have dug to recover the ashes will be the grave of Christian Theology”. Spoken like a true Noahide.

My point of all this is showing you that Noahides (antichristians) are wanting the same things as these self professing religious Jews. The ashes of the red heifer for the destruction of Christianity. The spirit that will come out of these ashes will be Antichrist to the core.


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