Red Heifer Theory Confirmations

I just read this from this “Ministry”. I’m not familiar with this site but he is right on with his quote from 9-11-2011. And if you’re familiar with my book, you’ll get his “jinn being let out of a bottle” quote.

“When the ancient jar of the first red heifer ashes are opened and mixed with the 10th red heifer ashes it will not be as it was 3500 years ago. This red heifer has been raised in an environment of hatred, greed and all the base emotions. The invocation to the spirit realm from impure hearts will unleash a spirit of war and murder as the world has not seen. In the Book of Revelation chapter 6 this is described as the Red Horse of the Apocalypse that comes to take Peace from the earth and he has a huge sword. It will be like a jinn let out of a bottle. Millions will die in a very short period of time. An ancient ritual once used for 1500 years to purify from contamination by death shall cause death and contamination to many.

From a metaphysical or esoteric standpoint, the Red Heifer symbolized the based energies and drives of humanity that must be sacrificed and consumed in order for them to ascend to a state of purity and innocence consciousness. The fire comes to transmute what appears as negative into positive, thus, allowing expression and balance of all 7 colors within mankind. He then becomes the Rainbow Man, or expresses the Covenant of Life, no longer contaminated by death.. The Red Heifer was given to cleanse from contamination of Death or carnal mindedness.” (

I’ve always thought that Clyde Lott from Mississippi was the one who got this breeding a genetically modified red heifer in Israel going. I’m probably right. Read the last paragraph. Time Magazine reported this in October of 1989 and this book was Published in 2011.

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