The Sacrifice to Jupiter…again

“Sacrificial victims (hostiae) offered to Jupiter were the ox (castrated bull), the lamb (on the Ides, the ovis idulis) and the wether (castrated male goat or ram) (on the Ides of January). The animals were required to be white….The Ides (the midpoint of the month, with a full moon) was sacred to Jupiter, because on that day heavenly light shone day and night.”

The full Moon in Sept. was on Friday the 13th, close to being the midpoint or the ides of September. 2 weeks later on the 27th, the Jews will go to the Mount of Olives and sacrifice a Noahide type sacrifice. 5 clean animals. 3 beasts and 2 fowls. The same beasts that the followers of Jupiter took over from GOD. The problem now, there is no need for any sacrifice. This is nothing more than a sacrifice to Jupiter.

When this sacrifice happens we will see Neptune in Aquarius. What’s with Neptune? Stay tuned…it is related to the esoteric view of the maozim, the god of forces.

Who will do this sacrifice? The U.S., Honduras, Guatemela, Mexico? Watch and see what happens to the countries that partake in this blasphemy on Friday. Who is Gog and Magog? Not Russia that’s for sure….I suggest once again that they are invoking the 70 watchers/fallen angels that at one time had dominion over the 70 nations. These are the principalities and powers that control the leaders of these nations. The same demons that Solomon allegedly had control over in his brass sphere.

“The conference will also bring representatives of the 70 nations to the Temple Mount. The Sanhedrin composed a statement of purpose for the sacrifice:

“We, the offspring of those who exited the Ark with Noah, Shem, Ham, And Japhet, the representatives of the 70 nations ascended to the Temple Mount, in order to pray to God to bring about the words of the prophets and to cancel out the judgement of the War of Gog and Magog.”

“We seek today to renew the eternal covenant God made with those who left the Ark, in order to prevent any flood or other forms of global catastrophe. This renewal of the covenant comes at a time when such dangers abound. It also seems that some men have forgotten their part in the covenant with God and their responsibilities.”

A dove will be provided for the ceremony in commemoration of the dove sent out by Noah from the Ark which, according to Jewish tradition, brought an olive branch from the Mount of Olives.

“The dove and olive branch have come to be the universal symbol of peace which emanates from Jerusalem, whose name means peace. May the light of the pure oil from the Temple menorah once again light the world with justice and truth.”

And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, Let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, To the House of the God of Yaakov; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.” For instruction shall come forth from Tzion, The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. Isaiah 2:3

The ceremony will be accompanied by blasts on shofarot (rams’ horns).”

Below are the pamphlets for tomorrows Seventy Nations Conference and sacrifice. I want you to know that the Noahides are calling this Edomite temple they are pushing, the Noahide World Center.

And look on the first image below, do you notice what looks like an eagle on the top of the Temple?

So the ad for tomorrow’s shindig in Jerusalem has the one and only Noahide World Center for “peace”. Do you see the “eagle” on top of the Temple? This is representing the Edomite, King Herod’s Temple.

Herod’s Roman Eagle
The Temple took many years to build. Begun in 19 BC, it was not finished till long after Herod’s death. The Jews prided in Herod’s accomplishment until Herod placed a huge Roman eagle over the most important gate of the new Temple.

Before long there was a conspiracy to pull the eagle down. When rumor circulated that Herod was dying, a group of young men gathered before the gate on which the golden eagle was set and began to pull it down. The soldiers interfered and arrested about forty of them. Herod was so enraged at this sign of insubordination and insult to Rome, that he had the “rebels” burned alive.” (

The Rabbis and Herod’s Golden Eagle” – an Excerpt from Flavius Josephus, War 1. 646-656 – (First Century CE)

…Now Herod’s distemper became more and more severe to him, and this because these his disorders fell upon him in his old age, and when he was in a melancholy condition; for he was already almost seventy years of age, and had been brought low by the calamities that happened to him about his children, whereby he had no pleasure in life, even when he was in health…There were two men of learning in the city [Jerusalem], who were thought the most skillful in the laws of their country, and were on that account held in very great esteem all over the nation; they were, the one Judas, the son of Sepphoris, and the other Matthias, the son of Margalus. Now when these men were informed that the king was wearing away with melancholy, and with a distemper, they dropped words to their acquaintance, how it was now a very proper time to defend the cause of God, and to pull down what had been erected contrary to the laws of their country; for it was unlawful there should be any such thing in the temple as images, or faces, or the like representation of any animal whatsoever. Now the king had put up a golden eagle over the great gate of the temple, which these learned men exhorted them to cut down: and told them, that if there should any danger arise, it was a glorious thing to die for the laws of their country; because that the soul was immortal, and that an eternal enjoyment of happiness did await such as died on that account…

…a rumor was spread abroad that the king was dying, which made the young men set about the work with greater boldness; they, therefore, let themselves down from the top of the temple with thick cords, and that at midday, and while a great number of people were in the temple, and cut down that golden eagle with axes. This was presently told to the king’s captain of the temple, who came running with a great body of soldiers, and caught about forty of the young men, and brought them to the king. …the king was in such an extravagant passion that he overcame his disease [for the time], and went out and spake to the people… and ordered those that had let themselves down, together with their rabbis, to be burnt alive; but delivered the rest that were caught to the proper officers to be put to death by them. After this, the distemper seized upon his whole body, and greatly disordered all its parts with various symptoms; for there was a gentle fever upon him, and an intolerable itching over all the surface of his body… Besides which he had a difficulty of breathing upon him, and could not breathe but when he sat upright, and had a convulsion of all his members; insomuch that the diviners said those diseases were a punishment upon him for what he had done to the rabbis. (Flavius Josephus, War 1. 646-656)

During the seven-year long war with Rome which truly ended at the fall of Masada on Passover of A.D. 74, the Roman army under Titus, the future emperor of Rome, besieged Jerusalem. In the very middle of this war, Titus put an end to sacrifice and offering by destroying Jerusalem and its Temple, and set up the Roman ensigns which were idols of Zeus and Rome on the eastern wing of the Temple in fulfillment of Daniel 9:26-27.

In A.D. 70 the Romans worshipped their ensigns, the main one being Zeus’ messenger Aquila, by offering sacrifices to them in the Temple. In other words, these two acts were very similar. In the first abomination that causes desolation the Greeks set up and idol of Zeus and offered pagan sacrifices in the Temple. In the abomination that causes desolation at the end of the age the Romans did the same! Thus it is no surprise that the same term is used to describe both events.

During the Jewish war with Rome in the middle of the first century A.D. the idol of Zeus was the Aquila, the chief ensign of the Roman army. Aquila is an eagle who carried Zeus’ lightning bolt and served as Zeus’ messenger.1 The ensigns were more than military flags or standards signifying Rome and its many legions, the ensigns were idols in the most literal sense of the word as they were regularly worshipped by the soldiers of the Roman army. In fact, the Roman army worshipped and offered sacrifices to the ensigns on the eastern gate of the Temple in A.D. 70.2 Thus the ensign called the Aquila is in a sense an idol of Zeus himself while doubling as the national symbol of Rome just as the bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States.

The main ensign, the Aquila, was typically depicted carrying Zeus’ the lightning bolt in its talons. Amidst the siege of A.D. 70 the Roman army likely fired firebrands into Jerusalem. These firebrands, the Aquila clutching Zeus’ lightning bolt, and the Legio XXII Fulminata, “the Thunderbolt 12th Legion,” whose emblem, not surprisingly, is a lightning bolt are collectively the “fire from heaven” mentioned in Revelation 13:13-15.”


The Foundation Scroll for the Seventy Nation conference.

Noahide Law means that we, who love Jesus can face punishment for not only blasphemy but for idolatry.

These are 2 rainbows you don’t want to be under.

Saw this comment on Twitter. Thought I’d share it…

“the colors represents the number of demons in the person’s body,, but on the average its no less than 4, L (lamashtu/lilith), G(garuda), B( baphomet), T(tephros)”

So what does this all mean? Let me explain…

In Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu (Akkadian dLa-maš-tu; Sumerian Dimme dDim3-me) was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped their children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. She was a daughter of the Sky God Anu. Lamashtu is depicted as a mythological hybrid, with a hairy body, a lioness’ head with donkey’s teeth and ears, long fingers and fingernails, and the feet of a bird with sharp talons. She is often shown standing or kneeling on a donkey, nursing a pig and a dog, and holding snakes. She thus bears some functions and resemblance to the Mesopotamian demon Lilith.

The Garuda (Sanskrit: गरुड Garuḍa, “eagle”, Pāli Garuḷa), Indonesian: Burung Garuda which means Garuda Bird/Eagle is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila and the Brahminy kite and Phoenix are considered to be the contemporary representations of Garuda.

Do I really need to go over this one?

The demon of the ashes. He and several other demons aided Solomon in the construction of the Temple. When Solomon asks what his pursuit is, the demon replies:

I bring darkness on men, and set fire to fields; and I bring homesteads to naught. But most busy am I in summer. However, when I get an opportunity, I creep into corners of the wall, by night and day. For I am offspring of the great one, and nothing less.

And when asked under what star he lies:

In the very tip of the moon’s horn, when it is found in the south. There is my star.


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