Jupiter: Gyan Mudra (Seal of Knowledge)

Once again, the liberal media is at it again calling the “ok hand sign” a white supremacy power move. They attack it because Trump is known for this gesture.

I’ve went over this before and explained today it is NOT a hand sign for white power or some mystical arayan gang sign. But it isn’t just to be swept under the rug like it is innocent and it just means “ok”. All symbols have have meaning.

A more modern theory of this hand sign is that the three fingers upwards represent 666 and the pointer finger wut the thumb make the all seeing eye. We see this all over the place Hollywood and with musicians. I would would believe this theory over it just meaning ok.

What it does represent in palmestry or hand reading is Jupiter (pointer finger) and Mars (thumb) coming together as one. This fits perfect wth the all seeing eye 666 theory in my opinion and here may be one reason we see this sign come out more often. We are seeing the rise of Mars wth everyone now is wanting to go to Mars and we saw the birth of “Jupiter” 2 years ago on 9/23 This is the union of Mars (war) and Jupiter (the king). The thumb in palmestry also represents “will or self”.

In Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, the Gyan Mudra is the Seal of Knowledge/Wisdom that represents the Planet “Jupiter”.

“Index fingertip and thumb = Gyan Mudra, Seal of Knowledge. The Gyan Mudra is the mudra of wisdom, because it joins the divine finger (thumb) with the finger of self (index finger). It brings in knowledge, expands our field of possibilities and releases us from limitations.

It is related to expansion, wisdom and higher consciousness. It is calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It sharpens the brain, empowers the mind, nervous system, endocrine system and pituitary gland.

Index finger is related to the planet Jupiter and the element of Air (Vayu), carries the energy of subconscious and the ego.” Link

Now I’m going to post this long piece but please focus on what Jupiter and Mars repesents.

Astrology & Palmistry:

In the science of palmistry, the hand represents a map of the universe, where each finger, mound or zone are believed to have a vibrational connection to the different planetary energies. Astrology and palmistry also reveal the influence of the planets on the physical body, the mind and the emotions.

The index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, symbolic of expansion, abundance, spiritual blessings, personal growth, higher knowledge, consciousness and wisdom. The index finger represents the individual soul. Mudras involving the Jupiter finger are generally used for mental and spiritual development, receptivity, confidence and attracting prosperity.

The middle finger is associated with the planet Saturn, the “task master” symbolic of discipline, responsibility, maturity, patience, seriousness, lessons and the laws of karma. Saturn mudras help promote patience, discernment, commitment, responsibility and perseverance.

The ring finger is associated with the Sun, symbolic of life, vitality, health, the heart, the nervous system, relationships and sexuality. Sun finger mudras help to promote vibrant health, energy, revitalization, creativity and positivity. This finger is also associated with the planet Uranus, which relates to intuition and unpredictable or unexpected changes. Mudras for stimulating or balancing the Uranus energy promote intuition and help one accept change.

The little finger or pinkie is associated with the planet Mercury, symbolic of the intellect, mental power and communication. Mercury finger mudras promote clear thinking, communication, expression, eloquence in writing or speech, mental quickness, sharpness or agility, intuition and psychic development. Someone with a well developed Mercury finger or mound might be blessed with the gift of gab, wit, or be influential orators.

The thumb is associated with the planet Mars and action. It represents the supreme soul, the ego, will power, logic, reason, common sense, worry, the stomach, drive, passion, forcefulness and strength of character. The thumb used in mudras generally creates the seal or connection, and applies ones will or intent to the mudra or kriya.

The Five Elements

The five fingers are said to relate to the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha (space or ether). According to Ayurveda, the finger elements are assigned as follows:

  • Air relates to the index finger which connects to the large intestine meridian
  • Akasha (space/ether) relates to the middle finger, the pericardium meridian
  • Earth to the ring finger, the throat, chest, pelvis and triple burner meridians
  • Water to the little finger the heart and small intestine meridians
  • Fire to the thumb, the lungs and breath meridians”

Active Gyan Mudra is beneficial for teachers for imparting active knowledge to others. The “active form” of a mudra has a more intense or external effect as a giving gesture. The “passive form” internalizes the effects and opens one up to receiving. Link

So you can see that this symbolic union of Jupiter and Mars represents the Seal of Knowledge (Gnosis). When used as a normal everyday ok hand gesture in the “active form”, it is imparting Gnosis to those who see it. Trust me, you don’t want that kind of knowledge from this Kundalini serpent spirit. Now you know why Trump uses it the way he does. It is a form of magic from a chaos magician.

On a side note, this ok gesture was said to come from President Martin Van Buren. He was from Old Kinderhook and his followers had the OK Club to support him. Van Buren was not a Mason.


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