Malachi: Revisited

Let me first say that the name Malachi means “messenger”. “The Greek Old Testament translates the last clause of Malachi 1:1, “by the hand of his messenger,” and the Targum reads, “by the hand of my angel, whose name is called Ezra the scribe.” According to Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, “Malachi describes a priesthood that is forgetful of its duties, a Temple that is underfunded because the people have lost interest in it, and a society in which Jewish men divorce their Jewish wives to marry out of the faith.” Link

Malachi was the last book of the prophets in the Old Testament. He speaks of a dire time in the end of days but with that said, it is a time prior to Jesus returning. Two sides of the coin. When readong what Plaut says above, it can put what happen with the sacrifice in a little perspective. I watched the latest video by YouTube blogger Leeland Jones. For the most part I enjoy his teachings and videos. A lot of our research and discernment lines up.

Before you watch the video, I want to give you a brief synopsis of something he brought up. He mentioned that he met a man prior to going to the conference. This man was saying how he was into the 7 Noahide laws and how these were connected to the Chakras of eastern religions. As you log might have guessed it, Leeland was appalled. The man went onto say that he had been doing lamb sacrifices for the past 5 years on the Mint of Olives. He told Jones that he in fact would pray until the spirit of “Yashua” would enter into this lamb and then he would kill it.

This man was the same man that Berkowitz and his seventy nation cohorts find “miraculously” to do the sacrifice at such a short time. This was Malachi the messenger. Malachi is a Greek man who was a Greek Orthodox Christian before he apostatized into the spiritually satanic realm of the Noahides. This is the man who sacrificed this sheep. I did notice his demeanor was soft and he was soft spoken. There is nothing wrong with thou this but those that I have encountered like this have usually 9 tomb times out of 10, been into new age mysticism. And this stereotype evidently was right on the money when it came to Malachi. So let me ask, what kind of message did Malachi the messenger send or recieve?

In the original BIN video from Mount of Corruption, you can see Malachi praying over this lamb prior to it being slain. What was he saying? Was he invoking the spirit of “yashua” to enter this lamb? We know this just isn’t going to happen and this is a completely demonic thought. The Conference leaders would not have let him do this knowing what he told Leeland prior to this conference starting. The spirit he conjours in these sacrifices is not Jesus. Jesus is alive and even suggesting it was is blasphemy of the Spirit of GOD. He wore worships Hashem or the Name. The Anonymous god who goes by Yahweh. Malachi counjours and invokes Jupiter.

As far as Malichi goes, at first look, the guy looked deep into esoteric beliefs in my opinion. I find it ironic that this happened at the Mount of Corruption named after Solomon’s high place for his wives sacrificing to Molech and Ashtoreth. I’m absolutely postive that this dude invoked a demonic spirit for this lamb and it was Jupiter. I’ve said from day one that the seventy nations is nothing more than to invoke and conjour the principalites of these 70 nations. The watchers. This was chaos magick at its finest trying to bring up those demons that solomon invoked and put into his brass sphere. Where did you see a brass sphere at? The 70 seat synagogue. Everything is connected.

Just watch the video of the sacrifice again and gocus on Malachi. Then watch Leelands new video on what I just spoke about.

I also want to bring up a few other things really quick. Leeland mentioned that this day 26 Elul, 5779 (September 26, 2019) fell on the 9th day of the 7th month according to the Enochian calender. This was a sabbath day, a day of rest. I don’t follow these calenders and each calender has it proponents and opponents. So take that as you may.

And also watch the video of the sacrifice after the throat was slashed and the blood was poured out into a dishwashing tub. Very appropriate I might add. I don’t know if it was the nerves still affecting the muscles (which it could’ve been), but the tail moved a few times as he moved it to the altar. And one last thing, The main rock that this ghetto altar was built on was brought in by 2 guys who looked to be Orthodox Jews. I thought this was a Gentile Pagan sacrifice, not a Jewish pagan sacrifice? And I thought Jews weren’t to be a part of it but only to be the Goys handlers?

At this same time frame that this was happening, we were seeing the release of new images of Jupiter’s moon IO leaving a shadow on it. Completely ridiculous right? Yes. We know that this isn’t a real image but that won’t stop them from trying to show us their symbolism of what’s actual actually going on. A reader suggested that the black spot looked like a black hole of sorts. An ABYSS. Like the abyss the locusts come out of. The same locusts that are demonic entities that torment the earth dwellers.

Was that image symbolic of what was going on at the Mount of Corruption? We know Malachi invoked a demon into this lamb by his own admission from past sscrifices. We know they aren’t wanting the 70 nations to return to Jerusalem like they say. No one showed up. We know that they are infact invoking the 70 priprincipalities over these nations. Thesame 70/72 demonic entities Solomon allegedly had control over with his seal of solomon ring on his index finger that represents Jupiter. The same brass sphere he was anle to bind and loose then from. Just like the brass sphere “ark” that houses the torah scroll in the Jewish synagogue underneath the western wall where they invoke the shekinah up above by daviding. All of this unfortunately is connected. And if this was to invert and blaspheme the sacrifice and death of Jesus, we may see something happening on the 3rd day. The resurrectiom of these gods. Let us see what happens the day (Sunday 29th) before the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah, the head of the year, the year of lying signs and WONDERS.


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