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For those interested, you can get my books on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Google Books and a host of small market online stores. I am only promoting them now because it seems that some of the things I’ve written about are starting to come to fruition. As far as the red heifer, the Arch of Triumph and Jupiter goes, these things need to get out and be known.

You can find the links of each book on the covers posted below that will take you to Amazon. Just hit the picture and it will take you there. If you purchase a hard copy of The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place on Amazon, you will also receive a Kindle Edition of the book for FREE. I am in the process of clearing some things for the other 2 books, but the same offer will be valid. Hopefully by the end of this year (2019) I will have my third installment of the End Times Deception Series entitled Clowns: Symbolic Gestures of a Nephilim. I am also finishing a small book on the origins of marijuana entitled Shiva and Mary Jane: The Ultimate Smokescreen.

The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place

Kindle Edition

False Signs in the Heavens: Their god is Jupiter (End Times Deception Series) (Volume 2)

Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the Desert (End Times Deception Series) (Volume 1)

I thank those who have purchased a bookand have taken the time out to read them.

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