The Keys of Infinity (and beyond)

This was started over a year ago and finally finished on the date of being published.

‘To infinity and beyond,’ said Aldrin as the order was signed. And in response? Trump said: ‘This is infinity here. It could be infinity. We really don’t know here. Link

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, his ex-wife Marla Maples posted this on her Instagram account (see below). Her second sentence was “Remember, things are not as they appear” and at the end she went on to say “trust, faith and love are keys”. At the time she wrote this I thought it was very cryptic. Was she taking about herself or maybe even her ex-husband Donald Trump. A lot of people couldn’t figure it out.

I looked at it again this morning and a few things caught my attention. She had the “infinity” symbol on her post. Shown above, it is there. The image below comes from Trump’s The Economist tarot cover.

The sixth card, “The Mage” (value 1, Mercury)

The magician symbolizes self-confidence, the will to achieve something, but also it symbolizes arrogance. The addition of the VR glasses is another allusion to the illusion, which I already mentioned in cards 3 and 4. The 3D printer, that replaces the 4 elements of the original card may be a warning. A magigian is no longer someone dominating the four elements, but someone who dominates the digital world. Perhaps we should not feel too secure in a world of digitization and cryptography. Link

The infinity sign is actually the ouroboros which means “tail devourer”. The serpent or dragon is eating itself and represents the life death cycle and symbolises Gnosticism and Hermeticism, and most notably in alchemy. It also has been known to represent time travel..88. To get a more in depth view of this then read this.

Do you notice on the Trump cover you see the magi pressing the 3D printer with his pointer finger. The index or pointer finger represents strength, ambition and ego in the esoteric practice of Psalmetry. The bigger the finger, the more it represents these traits. It is also represented by Jupiter. “According to the honorable and legendary Comte C. De Saint-Germain: If you have very long fingers. . . This indicates a meddling disposition, somebody who is forever finding fault, occasionally cruel even if you don’t mean to be, and basically tormenting and tormented.” Very Trumpesque.

Maples original post mentions when there is a great discovery of truth, silence comes. Was she alluding to artificial intelligence psyop Q and Trump? She also mentions “trust, faith and love are keys”. Look at the Masonic picture above, these are interchangeable. Maples is as much a Christian as her ex.

So what did Marla’s crypted post admit her ex-husband mean? Well coming from a Kabbalist Christian, a lot. Here is a article that came out today. New York Times 11/22/19.

“When Ms. Maples is not playing softball in the Broadway Show League or supporting environmental and wellness causes, she lives and works out of a high-rise near Central Park, where she is developing the new spiritual travel venture, SoulShine Journeys. The trips encourage participants to “shed what they need to shed and shift into their highest good.”

Fire Kabbalah triangle. Noahide colors.

AWAKENING I really just wake up without being concerned with how I’m going to manifest. I do my morning meditation. Then I’ll start mixing all my potions in the kitchen. Celery and lemon, sometimes I’ll throw a little turmeric or ginger. I’ll try to squeeze in some yoga. I go back and forth between Iyengar and Kundalini.

WORSHIP I hop on the subway and go to Hillsong Church. The first time I walked in the door, it made me so happy. It was so enriching for my soul to see so many young people who have a connection beyond this physical world.

There are people onstage with guitars. The pastors wear jeans and boots. These are the only churches I go to. The ones that allow you to really feel the Holy Spirit by moving and singing.

I was born a Christian. And I still love connecting on that pathway. Though I am very well known to be unified with people from all religious, spiritual backgrounds, and find that harmony we all share. I studied kabbalah for many years. I just love making a pure old-fashioned connection to Christ.”

What is she reading? The Zohar of course.

SACRED TEXTS I have a couple of books by my bed, the Zohar, the Bible. I have a whole lot of beautiful inspirational books. I’ll say, O.K., show me what I need to learn or be inspired by tonight. I’ll pick up one, and set an intention for the week.

So what was Marla talking about? I believe she was referring to Trump 2 years ago. At the time not many knew of Trumps association to Freemasonry, the Jesuits and Zionist Kabbalists. Now it has all been well documented. I wrote about this when he was elected in the “Trump Papers” featured on this blog.

One last thing, Trump is seen leaning on the phallus of Washington Serapis on the Time Magazine cover. He is doing an inverted hanged man. What does this mean? Read below.

Marla connects with nature. Completely related to false religions. She is whack job.


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