Goop: black goo manifesting

The Goop Lab. Feminism representing and worshipping self through their divine feminine worship. You can see a perfect of example of this in the poster above.

Now what happened the below video in Davos is just a small piece of what these people like Paltrow and John Amaral are doing in episodes from the Goop Lab.

This is a new age eastern mysticism teachings based show. Very very dangerous. People who have this done actually say they were having an exorcism. This is promoted as helping you physically and spiritually but it is killing your spiritually. This is Blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

In the episode the “Energy Experience” from the goop lab you see what happened with Hough. But what and why is it called goop. Goop by definition is according to Oxford Dictionary is “sloppy or sticky semifluid matter, typically something unpleasant.” Goop in my opinion, is the new agey presentable black goo manifesting in someone’s body. Once again, completely demonic. They also mention the “double slit” experiment. What is it? Read this.

This is part of Kundalini being activated. Completely demonic. It is called Energetic Intelligence. Demonic possession is what I call it. Julianne Hough is possessed by devils through a “sound wave or frequency” that brings about her “consciousness to another level”. These are their words not mine.

She also does the arch of hysteria pose. Very demonic. If you don’t know what this is than please search my blog and find out. You may be surprised as to why these people are contorting their bodies like this with the help of demons.

Here is a little more. This guy doing it is possessed. He is a friend of Gwen Paltrow and brought Hollywood the penis foreskin facial. He is on her nee Netflix show The Goop, about the yoni (vagina). Watch his movements. Not touching her but her body reacts anyways. He calls it part of quantum physics. Notice her coughing as he is doing this. Tell tell sign of possession in this case. He pulls from her spine down to her bottom. This is that Kundalini serpent fire that possesses Hough. He is activating it on her. She is in very bad shape spiritually.

Watch the last 6 minutes if you don’t want to listen to the new age kundalini chatter.

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