The Skull and Bones Virus

C(3)V(22) 19 = 44

The number ‘322’ appears on the society’s insignia, and is said to refer to 322 B.C., when Athens lost the Lamian War and had to dissolve its democracy. A new, plutocratic government allowed only wealthy Athenians to remain citizens.

C is gimel(3rd letter) (foot)
V is vav(6th letter) (hook)
Hook the Foot. Snare. 3+6=9. 3,6,9

19 is the number of surrender in the esoteric world.

When used in the occult the number 44 is most often used as similitude number for Christ. It is often invoked and perverted in order to harness the Christ energies and turn them upside down.

The final part of Jesus’ earthly ministry is 44 days long. This period began on the day he was crucified, which was Wednesday, April 5 in 30 A.D. It ended on the day he gave his final instructions to his disciples and ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives, Thursday, May 18.

I mention “hook the foot” from Paleo Hebrew’s symbolism. There is a character named Hook Foot in Rapunzels Tangled Adventure show. So what right? Well there is a Tangled Corona connection to all of this.

In the fairy tale and movie Tangled, Rapunzel was “self-quarantined” I guess you could say. She was in a tower. The Kingdom she was from was Corona. Essentially she was the Queen of Corona. Can any of this get any stranger?

And someone stole my research and made a meme. You’re welcome…

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