18 Month Social Distancing

I’ve been seeing that everyone is now hiring mass amounts of ppl to “keep up with the virus”. Well it came to me…why? They are preparing for a 18 month social distancing shut down which will give a month on month off type of work schedule. This us to slow down the “virus”.

This will make it easier to bring in a basic income wage for this “brave new world” some are promoting. As they shut down small business’s and lay offs in oilfield jobs because of this “pandemic”, you see seeing a rise in the beast system hiring. Laugh if you like but here it is.

Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all).

They note that the results are “qualitatively similar for the US.”

There will be no flattening the curve for 18 months and ironically, you will just have to ride the “wave” out. Remember hearing that?


Are you ready to ride that red wave out?


To get a better grasp on what is happening here pleas watch this.

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