Dream on Korah and Uzziah

I had a dream last night. I was camping and I was watching a sermon by a man I didn’t recognize. It was called “The Rebellion of Korah”. In the dream I kept sensing it was vaguely about “Corona”. He also kept saying 4 names and Uzziah is the only one I can remember.I woke up and read Numbers 16 and 2nd Chronicles 26. Both Korah and Uzziah were a lesson in humility. There is more to take away from this but I believe humility in this time is key. The fall of pride is bringing those to their knees, including me. Humility before GOD is now.1st Peter 5:5-6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares about you.I will share more from this later but remember Korah and the 14,700 deaths and a plague. Uzziah the leper. These 2 stories are specifically about Korah and Uzziah both burning a strange fire. One at the altar of incense and the other at the door of the tabernacle. Both men rebelled against GOD in their hearts as Lucifer did. Pride goeth before the fall. Korah got swallowed by the earth while Uzziah was stricken with leprosy on his forehead. He was “quarantined” unto death. Korahs story on the other hand doesn’t end with him. 250 of his men died then another 14,7000 died AND THEN a plague came and Moses and Aaron had to stop it.

I have said from day one during this stressful time for us, prayer is the answer. The burning of the altar of incense was symbolic of the prayers to GOD. Rev 8 is the final seal being opened and you see this incense for the last time. Prayer in the Name Jesus is crucial. Not a generic god or allah or buhdda. But JESUS, the only name to protect you….ever. So Pray in His Holy Name.

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