The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This goes with the post below on not being able to differentiate between cv19 and the flu as far as this testing goes. Tests are out there and no one is able to get the testing done when needed. They are being refused for a reason. The reason being, they aren’t testing for cv19. It is that simple. They are more than likely testing for influenza and pneumonia and this is why you see that the numbers sky rocketing. As you read on, I would not be surprised if this strain of flu has Adenovirus in it also.

Some of you may want to read something I just stumbled upon. Have you ever heard of Adenovirus. Adeno comes from the greek aden “acorn” which they get gland from. Did you know that Doctors across the country don’t actually test for av (adenovirus) and civilians are not to be vaccinated for it. Why? Only military personnel are to be vaccinated and they actually give them 2 vaccines for it just to be safe. It can be that dangerous.

The article on adenovirus below and is from 2018. Below you can see that av and cv (coronavirus) are closely related and a few weeks a ago a study was published in the American Journal of Roentgeneology that claimed people who were initially diagnosed in Wuhan for covid19 actually had adenovirus and/or pneumonia. They couldn’t differentiate between the 2 viruses. There was a few in this case study that had full blown adenovirus that were originally told that they have covid 19. Initially almost every patient had a preexisting issue and most of the time it was pneumonia. So are we seeing bad cases of pneumonia with a mix of Adenovirus mixed in this? Probably so. This is why numbers climb so fast. Or they are making the numbers up altogether.

Read both of these.

From Simon Kleef:

Cases in Santa Clara County, California (part of the Bay Area) went from 4 to 20 to 60 in very short order. Dr. Tim O’Shea, who writes “The DoctorWithin” newsletter, decided to follow that evidence to its source.

He started by calling the Santa Clara Health Department, telling them he wanted to be able to distinguish influenza cases from Coronavirus for his own patients. Could the Health Department help him? No, he was told. They have no testing facility.

Dr. O’Shea then began a search, calling fifty pulmonary doctors and clinics in the bay area, probably not scientific from a statistical standpoint, but maybe overkill anyway. He asked all of them if they could help him distinguish influenza cases from Coronavirus. None could.

None had the necessary testing ability, and further, were not even interested in acquiring it.

They referred him back to Santa Clara County, completing the circle.

My conclusion: The landscape is being deliberately seeded with “persons” who have tested positive with Coronavirus. None have. It is all the work of people behind the scenes manipulating real people with real jobs, as the Santa Clara Health Department.

His conclusion: look at the screenshot.


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