Fauci U and the Separations

Here is the man in charge of holding the country hostage. Fauci. He now claims that this virus will continue in the Fall. He rubs shoulders with Bill Gates for a reason. Event 201 is the simulation done in Oct of 2019 on guess what….coronavirus.

Etymology in a picture.
Fauci (sickle), Gates (doorway/portal) and Collins (diminutive of Nicholas: victory people).

Mr. Gates wants to put a Digital Certificate ID in your body through vaccinations that will track you and control you like a mouse. This will be your RFID tag enabled by your Smart Phone.

So here is some fun etymology of our friend Mr. Fauci.


Used during a HARVEST. Read Revelation 14:14. In Greek this word sickle is drepanon (δρέπανον) and when translated to Hebrew it is chermêsh and comes from châram. Châram means to “SECLUDE specifically (by a ban) to devote to religious uses (especially destruction)”.

Every state is on lockdown or a soft martial law that we know as “stay at home orders”. You can now be jailed and/or fined for holding a gathering of 10 or more. This means gathering together of an assembly in a church. But then again it’s ok to spend your money at Wal-Mart on Essential things. Non Essential things will not be sold in a public setting, you will need to go online to buy those things. Essential or non essential is Hunger Games language. Eventually we will become essential or non-essential, not just through work.

In communism the sickle represents the peasents.

And then the Saturn connection.


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