We need oxygen to survive. Oxygen is from Ancient Greek ὀξύς (oxús, “sharp”) + γένος (génos, “birth”). ὀξύς is specifically a sharp sword, two edged. γένος is specifically a family or generation. In English there is always an inverted play on words. Ox y(and) Gen(Jinn). Ironically, Jinn (spirits in Islamic eschatology and known as Dybbuk is Judaism) are connected to the constellation Taurus. Here are Jinn associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. From Kitāb-i ʻAjāʾib-i makhlūqāt (The Book of Wonders and Creatures), 1921.

ὀξύς is used 5x in Revelation when referring to the sharp twoedged sword that comes out of his mouth and the sickle that is thrust into the earth for judgement. In Matthew 17:21 γένος is used by Jesus translated as “kind” when speaking about a daimonion.

This is the only time génos is used in the Gospels. Both are used by Jesus separately for judgement. The ox (the false christ) and the jinn (demons) will be judged. They both need our life sustaining oxygen depleted so they can manifest on the worlds stage.

Then there is the Jinn Iblis of Islam. He is the devil but notice his Chinese dress.

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