The Adulteress and the hidden man.

This is just my opinion of what was going on here. Not a “thus saith the Lord” by any means.

In John 8 the Sanhedrin brought a woman caught in the act of adultery. They were testing Jesus to bear false witness to get Him to say the wrong thing. Jesus bent down and wrote on the ground. What did He write? This verse has been the most written about scripture in history. I believe Jesus wrote this or something to this extent.

‏כג כי יהיה נער בתולה מארשה לאיש
ומצאה איש בעיר ושכב עמה.כד והוצאתם את שניהם אל שער העיר ההוא וסקלתם אתם באבנים ומתו–את הנער על דבר אשר לא צעקה בעיר ואת האיש על דבר אשר ענה את אשת רעהו ובערת הרע מקרבך {ס}

This is Deuteronomy 22:23-24.

This was the law on what to do with a woman AND MAN who are caught committing adultery. They are both to be taken out of the city at the Mount of Olives in Bethpage to be stoned. Notice the Sanhedrin didn’t bring the MAN caught in the act, they just brought the woman. I can only suggest or assume that this man wasn’t brought to Jesus with the woman because he was one of them. This is why they all put their stones down as fast as they did. By the way, Bethpage was where the Sanhedrin held their councils for guess what? Stoning.

My second theory on what Jesus wrote was the mans name who was committing adultery with her. They may have known him and could’ve been one of theirs. This may be why they all dropped the stones and left so fast.


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