Confirmation on the Death Numbers of COVID-19.

Sunbathing strange happened today while I am on vacation. I met a couple today from Tulare that have a beach house in Pismo. There daughter is a nurse and she has been a nurse for over 20 years. Matter of fact they said she was a ER nurse. She told me that her daughter told them that people aren’t drying from a virus in their hospital. They are dying from pre-existing health conditions and are only putting death by COVID-19 down, after the fact. All natural cause deaths, heart attacks, influenzas, ect. are being called “death by COVID-19 on death certificates. She said the government is giving their hospital kickbacks for putting COVID-19 as the means of death.

It was a very strange 10 minute conversation and that they even told me all of this. I was standing with my 6 year old daughter in a long line to get her donuts this morning and they just started chatting with me. I hadn’t even said anything to them about any of this and they felt like they needed to open up to me for whatever reason. They just started spilling the beans to me after saying hello. I try not to say much to other people and especially strangers about my opinion on all of this for obvious reasons. But here was a first hand account of everything I have been saying and have researched as factual evidence and this older couple confirmed all of it to me in a ten minute conversation.

It was also interesting that the woman told me her daughter had said at least 50 patients in this hospital she works at had to be pushed back for major life threatening problems. Remember, their daughter is a ER nurse. They even questioned how many people had died because they couldn’t get the surgeries they needed because of this virus. They didn’t deny or confirm that this curbside was real or not. They were just stating what their daughter had told them.

On a side note: the Tulare woman said that the workers in their Tulare Walmart (who made sure the people went down the aisles the right way) were actually called “Walmart Police”. She thought “that was cute”. No joke.

P.S. While we were at the Walmart in Arroyo Grande, the Walmart police chased a lady down for going the wrong way down the chip aisle. Idiot minimum wage workers who think they have the authority to verbally attack costumers.

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  1. Walmart was a dystopian nightmare before all of this hit the fan. I had heard the Walmart FEMA camp rumors for years and now I’m convinced it’s true. I went to a Walmart back in early March and there was giant scanners using facial recognition software on every aisle, security guards patrolling every aisle that didn’t seem fully human and just a sense of impending doom. I can only imagine how much worse it is now.


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