Stay At Home? No

There is a reason they want you to stay in your home. It is not to protect you from anything but to make you more susceptible to these frequencies that are put forth. (And that’s not the only reason, it is a psychological war at this point.) These frequencies are strong in your house. It just isn’t about social distancing and keeping you 6 feet away from someone, that’s the psychological part of it also. And wearing a mask in public doesn’t detour facial recognition. It is beyond that. The eyes are the window of the soul and as long as you have that smart phone remote control with you, everything works fine. Stay inside and get transformed by that 60Ghz frequency. Man, it’s only going to get worse. Can I please have a cabin in the woods with nothing digital?“The real reason why they are saying “social distancing” is because the Artificial Intelligence Human Tracking system they have for the 5G rollout requires some distance between people to be able to fully track everybody. This is a KNOWN issue in the tech world with the Human Tracking systems that Crowd Density causes the AI to lose track and has problems identifying people in large groups. They are using the Virus scare tactic in order to push people into this behavior so they can get the AI system tracking everybody without failure. (And I do mean EVERYBODY… google SpaceX
Starlink).” “Elena Freeland”
March 18, 2020Ask yourself why they want everyone to have an internet connection as of right now? They are giving it away for free for goodness sakes. They are even letting ppl pass on their bill if they can’t afford it. No one is that nice, especially government. They want everyone on the grid. The internet will NEVER shut down. You will be part of their simulation.

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