Source Code for 5G Contains Ncov19

This isn’t my find. I’m sharing what someone else found and giving you my opinion on it. I want you to remember that coronavirus was originally called nCoV2019 that became CV19 that is known as COVID-19 ie coronavirus. nCoV2019 was the original scientific name.

Important news from Reinhard Heidema brought by Caroline de Bruin topic: 5G has a built-in application to track coronavirus with peripherals to be connected.

Dear group members, I have been suspicious about 5G for a while. Because the RIVM and the AIVD have not proven the effect of 5G, I have tried to look for proven myself. I have a background in IT so I know a thing or two about codes and 5G. A friend of mine had bought a new phone with 5G support and asked if I could jailbreak it. That is so that you can unlock the phone and thus also see the code of the operating system. I also went to investigate the phone’s code related to 5G. To my shock I came across this part of the source code, it also seems to be called corona (here Ncov-19) in this code and that symptoms can soon be traced by 5G! (My comment: or maybe this virus is sent by 5G?)

Comment: Does 5G have a built-in Ncov-19 coronavirus tracker? Maybe for future applications? See lines 293 to 302 with 5G_function Ncov etc. Does this explain why the government wants 5G on so quickly? Who knows more about this?

My Opinion: I think we have a connection to the Bio-Field theory here. This is more than an APP to be used to monitor your heath of some virus. This is the code for the actual virus itself. I will recant when someone shows me different.

I’m suggesting this is the source code for the virus or, the so called “invisible enemy” that is attacking peoples respiratory and immune system. This is the bits or qubits that are being sent from a 5G phones to bodies. Very dangerous and deadly. These bits/qubits can not only affect your physical health but also attack the biology of your body and mind. This is where these Bio-Fields come into play. They believe in the comment above, that it is to track “coronavirus”. Look close at the code. Frequency->Ncov19 (health). I am going to double check all of this on my own.

The coding for the Ncov19 find is called Swift. “A bird of ill-omen. Upright demonic.” Their words, not mine. The logo looks like a bird, or an entity falling, the trident or a snake toppings with its mouth open.

Apple/Google Contact Tracers

Now it also could be associated with the code for the new Apple/Google contact tracer program that is used with your Bluetooth technology. I doubt it though because of the 5G frequency connection and there is no code for Bluetooth written in it.

Most people realize how close you need to be from something in order for Bluetooth to actually work. This should send red flags. They claim it is a warning sent to your phone for being in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the “virus”. I suggest it is to police social distancing and to connect everyone’s phone in a non discriminating way. More red flags. Notice in the images below he uses Alice. You are now in Wonderland Dorothy.

“In April, Google and Apple began working together on an automated contact-tracing project that could help health officials and government agencies track and slow the coronavirus outbreak.

The project will let your phone log the signals of other phones that are nearby. Your phone also sends out an anonymous piece of code that other phones within range receive and remember. This way, everyone’s phones can build a log of codes from all the phones they’ve been near.

People who are diagnosed with COVID-19 can then submit their ID code to a central database. Your phone will send you an alert if you’ve been in contact with any of these people. You can then get tested for the virus and, if you are diagnosed with it, self-quarantine for the required 14 days.

Google and Apple won’t create the apps that run this technology. Instead, the companies will make programming tools that they’ve developed available in mid- May. Health authorities will then build the actual apps with this tech.

Once the apps are built, Apple and Google then anticipate offering software updates to the more than 2 billion active devices powered by their operating software around the globe. The plan is to offer these software updates by the end of 2020.” LINK LINK

“Unfortunately, this protocol is not completely private. Many stores use Bluetooth Beacons which track shoppers’ locations. These stores may also share the data that the Bluetooth Beacons collect with advertising companies, who can aggregate data from multiple stores.

Take Alice from the previous example. Throughout the week, Alice visits a variety of stores including C-Mart and D-Mart, which work with a common advertising partner Eve Corp. Both C-Mart and D-Mart use Bluetooth Beacons to track Alice as she moves throughout the store. The beacons capture her temporary Bluetooth ID, with changes every few minutes. Normally, C-Mart and D-Mart cannot track Alice between the stores or over different days, since Alice’s Bluetooth ID changes so regularly.

If Alice uses the Apple-Google protocol and tests positive, she uploads all her daily keys for the previous two-week period to the cloud. Using these daily keys, Eve Corp can derive all of Alice’s temporary Bluetooth IDs for the preceding week. Eve Corp can the use the data gathered by Bluetooth Beacons in C-Mart and D-Mart to correlate her movements for the week.

It would not be difficult to then determine who Alice is based on her payment data, membership card, or other data sources that the stores can use. The stores now have significant information about Alice: her movements for the last week, and that she is COVID-positive.” LINK

This is why I tell people to leave their phones in their cars or at home when going to stores. Bluetooth tracking.

And most states are jumping on board with this App or making their own. North and South Dakota have Care19 which tracks through GPS. But evidently information is being sent to marketing app Foursquare.

Two things I also want to bring up here. The new British 20 pound note has what some call a tower radiating from the top of it with what looks to be the systolic image of the coronavirus model above it. Strange.

And the image below is an alleged worker installing 5G towers in Australia who shows the circuit board for 5G cell and it happens to say COV-19 on it.

You be the judge.

Update on this video. I find out where it actually came from.

He seems to be the man in the video but in a later video, he will not confirm or deny that he knows the man.

He later posts this also.

Is this true or a hoax? Some believe this circuit board is actually either from a VCR or a cable box. Only way to find out is to go to the source.


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  1. Hey Craig that is crazy about the co19 code in the source. Not sure if you feel the same way but this post in particular you might should take down and share privately. Do people get in trouble still for jailbreaking? Just feel like you stumbled on something very few people if any were supposed to find out about. Abba hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, I just felt a tremor on this one and wanted to pass along my thought. Thank you for all you do bro


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  2. I came across this site via a post on Natural News… whatever I read, I read with much salt and try to use my own judgment and discernment… that site can be somewhat extreme sometimes, but it brought me to this site, which I am grateful for… anyway…
    Very interesting and weird, it makes me think that it is not quite as ‘nefarious’ on the surface at least as it seems – that they DID plan the 5G network to be able to trace it, as it works faster and better, and because – they want to trace it! That is no secret right there. So they would have had to write in the code FOR that reason. Not saying that underneath there is not something else going on… but I try to see all sides to be able to find the real truth…. however, furthermore, there have been other associations made between the two – 5 G and Corona… if we want to get really ‘deep’ we could go to the Matrix analogy and say if as some other connections have been made, the virus and/or vaccine ‘connects’ us to the AI VIA the nanobots which would be purported to be in the ‘vaccine’ and then migrate and mutate on their own being AI themselves to all parts of the system and then if we are connected digitally to the AI then releasing the ‘code’ for the virus would in effect BE the virus and like a computer virus we would be infected…. ahhh, I’ve been reading and hearing and talking a lot about this stuff with others the past few months… anyway, interesting about the British pound – that ‘tower’ looks very much like a Five Gee tower… notice that?! Also, the crown type icon on top of it DOES resemble the icon for the virus… that is interesting… also, this is interesting, and maybe unrelated, but not totally, and I have to figure out where else to post it, but lately I have seen a repeating code for the number 37 – the CEO of Google is going to give 37 million dollars for anti-racism causes – and I just read an article about Dr. Fauci talking about how we will overcome this virus, but… in it, it talked about his history dealing with HIV and how there are 37 million ppl who have died from it AND 37 million ppl *living* with it, I just thought that was a strange figure, and that they are the same – seemed weird and then I saw the video on the Natural News site where he was going through the Twitter feed of the Obama Foundation… and I saw that Google CEO tweet… here is the link to that article, and the video is from Richie from Boston I think…
    Disclaimer: I am not claiming to believe everything written on this post, but posting it here for reference —


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