Another Conformation on the Skam

Over the weekend a co-worker of mine went to Bakersfield this weekend to stand in line for bike tires. 😆 While in line an Indian man who was a retired Doctor started talking to him about how stupid this whole thing (“virus”) was. He had the same random conversation like I had with the older couple at the beach. He didn’t ask anything but this retired Doctor felt like he needed to get some stuff off of his chest.He told him that this virus was a scam on the public. He says the actual virus was due to radiation. My co-worker asked how that happened and he went on to tell him about 5G and the frequency that 5G is ran out actually gives people radiation sickness. My co-worker acted like he didn’t know what he was talking about and the guy kept going on. He said with people wearing these masks for no reason will eventually give themselves neurological damage due to them breathing in their own carbon monoxide. I will have to look into that part. I do know that they don’t protect you…at all. But do restrict your breathing.They evidently had an interesting conversation.Now more about the facemask scam…

***MASK WEARERS take notice***So I did a test today that I am quite confident has never been done, relative to the mask guidelines.So in order to live healthy we must breathe the correct atmospheric oxygen which is 19.5% -23.5% of the air must be O2. OHSA requires a confined space environment to maintain this atmosphere or you must remove yourself from that environment immediately. So we breathe in that O2 in two places mouth and nose, both of which are confined to the mask.

My hypothesis was that the atmosphere inside of the mask was not meeting the lower 19.5% atmospheric oxygen levels making the mask immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).The test:I took an industrial MSA air gas monitor and tested 3 face coverings. I wore each mask covering appropriately and inserted the gas monitor wand inside the mask. The results of the atmospheric oxygen levels are as follows: (remember under 19.5% is IDLH)Double layer hanker chief – 17.5%
Half face respirator with 2 valves and particulate filters – 18.0%
N95 with single valve – 18.0%Conclusion – these face coverings that are being recommended are depleting the oxygen to your brain and is immediately dangerous to life and health. The reason: gas exchange isn’t happening fast enough inside the mask and you are breathing too much expended CO2.Jason Grieve

After my co-worker mentioned all of this I came across this Natural News short doc. This is what I’ve been saying all along…before most people decided to finally figure it out. My only thing is that he differentiates between COVID19 and 5G. Both are one in the same in my opinion. I have tried to post it on this blog but they won’t let me. Here is the original link to where I saw this video.

I posted the video on YouTube at 7pm last night. It was down by 5am. Weird thing, it plays when sent through a text and is still up. Otherwise, it is gone. Makes sense right? I tried to repost on YouTube and it was immediately taken down.


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    1. I checked out your channel. Let me pray about it. I normally won’t do videos or podcast for personal reasons. I will get back to you. Thank you for the invite.


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