You were always an Artificial entity.

Black’s Law Dictionary. THE official dictionary on your rights and how to word it. You are divide into 2 “entities” according to “them”. A NATURAL person with your GOD given rights and a ARTIFICIAL person that is a number ALL CAPS corporation on the stock exchange courtesy of the Federal Reserve ala D.C. This entity is not really us in the sense it is a commodity. Fake.

It belongs to Columbia the goddess who stands on the waters of maritime law. Notice the correct language according to them is ARTIFICIAL. This is why they need your DNA from that mouth swab for a snake crown plague. It is bringing about the image of the beast and healing its wounded head. The culmination of those 7 kingdoms forming the 8th. It needs your DNA to feed the beast system of AI. Or ARTIFICIAL Intelligence. This was the plan. There were always 2 of us Remember the movie US and the tethered? Hands Across America. Their reality is a simulation but we as a NATURAL PERSON have free will and GOD given rights from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. They will fail.

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