Commie Retirement on our Behalf

Going political for a second. Only because I am paid into PERS and I will see no retirement by the time I’m ready.

Most people don’t realize that Federal and State Retirements put money into foreign equities like Chinese Communist Regimes. Trump is allegedly trying to stop this. This is no different with State retirement in California called PERS. My theory is that soon we ain’t have any retirement in California because of Newsom and the man who is in charge of financial holdings at PERS named Yu Ben Meng (

Ben Meng came back to PERS after a 3 year hiatus. He has alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Regime in China ( and PERS has actually given over 3.1 Billion to China over the years. CalPERS has over $360 Nippon in assets and Meng makes $1.77 million a year plus bonuses as chief investment officer for giving away our money ( The “investments” sent from California to China has funded companies that make military weapons. Why? Because I am one to believe China already owns California.

This is why you see the total take down of this state and why it looks so easy. Newsom is a dog on a leash, the spokesman. The real leaders rule from behind the iron curtain in China. Ask yourself, why does it seem so easy for Newsom to turn California into a Communist state? Why does he keep calling California a State-Nation? Why does Trump refuse to dump money and fund California in a time of crisis? Because it isn’t taking directives from the District of Columbia anymore. And let me suggest this, the majority of the country is owned by the Chinese Communist party already. I am only suggesting.

Now here is my theory regarding California and what we are seeing with PERS. But first, here is a new article on PERS investments with the Chinese government (

Now my theory: Ben Meng and Newsom are buddies. Newsom makes a deal with the Chinese Company BYD to purchase up to 200 million masks for 1 Billion dollars. Other articles say 500 million ( BYD is an electric car manufacture who has people like Warren Buffet as investors. As of right now the deal is starting to collapse (

Why would California want to buy masks from the Chinese right now? Do they not think they won’t be tainted? My theory is that they used CalPERS retirement money to buy the masks and they got caught red handed. This is why the uproar now from Trump and other Senators on these retirement-Chinese investment deals. Do not be surprised when retirements like PERS and FERS are all of the sudden bone dry. You can look to the Chinese Communist regime for your money.

Update: The above screenshot is from an email I received from CSEA. Bad timing on their part. Now as of June 18th, we are all “mandated” to wear a mask in California. Only problem with that, Newsom doesn’t have the authority to do this. Narcissist are gonna be narcissists.

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