Speak Loud, Live Free

Last year I started writing “speak loud, live free” at the end of posts on social media. I didn’t know why but little did I realize then, how true this would be for all of us today.

We are coming into a time that you need to be very careful on what you talk about or in this case, type about. I’m not saying censor yourself under false pretenses. I’m saying that you need to pick and choose your online wars so to speak. It isn’t worth you getting yourself in “trouble” because of certain “things or events” that most people automatically will disagree with. Go about your life, love GOD, love your neighbor and let the world sort itself out.

I’m personally feeling like social media is pointless anymore. I’m even feeling like this about writing in general. It will do more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling anyone to stop doing it or censor yourself but I’m telling you to pick your wars wisely. God has given us the power of our words and I feel that now more than ever, is the time to use them. It is now the time to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. To walk as He walked.

Being violent or doing harm to someone because you disagree with them doesn’t make it better or right. Trust me, right now I feel the same as everyone else but those feelings will hurt me in the long run. I have no future in that kind of thinking. God has given you the wisdom through Jesus Christ on what to say and how to act when the time comes. Trust me when I say this, your words that come out of your mouth when anointed by the Spirit of GOD, will have more affect on a person than creating chaos with your minds, hearts and hands. Remember, the word of GOD is more powerful than any 2 edged sword, cutting through bone and marrow, bringing a grown mans conscious into subjection and judgement of a Holy GOD.

Why am I even typing this? I don’t know. I’m feeling led to. I want you to know that they want a “perfect” order out of your chaos created by your rebellion, and they can’t shut your mouth or stop the Spirit of GOD moving through us and using us. GOD is not chaos or rebellion. Pentecost is coming up and we need Him to lead us. So speak loud and live free, through Jesus Christ alone. He is our King. We have no King but Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Speak Loud, Live Free

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  1. Thankful my Christian brothers eventually led me to your page. Great writing, spirit filled and wise.
    This was a divine appointment for me, thank you.
    Numbers 6:24-26


  2. Thank you ..I feel the Holy Spirit had you write this for me to read today. And only today..the social media scenario was my discomfort today. I have laid it down. This was my confirmation on the change. Praise The Heavenly Father


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