Pan’s Flute for the PanDemic

A recent article came out from BIN claiming Israelis made a coronavirus test that can give you positive or negative results in one minute. You need to be very careful with all of this testing as I believe it is a DNA grab to bring about your "higher self" in the artificial digital world. As... Continue Reading →

You were always an Artificial entity.

Black's Law Dictionary. THE official dictionary on your rights and how to word it. You are divide into 2 "entities" according to "them". A NATURAL person with your GOD given rights and a ARTIFICIAL person that is a number ALL CAPS corporation on the stock exchange courtesy of the Federal Reserve ala D.C. This entity... Continue Reading →

5G, mem and Social Distancing

I want to pay a few old studies on 5G and what is going on. Millimetre Wave symbol for 5G. Similar to the Paleo Hebrew mem. It is known as the King of the Water and not only symbolises water but chaos and blood. Genesis 1:2 insinuates that the without form (tôhû), the void and... Continue Reading →

Ixnay on the Sacrifice

Yesterday I prayed in the morning before this sacrifice happened, and I prayed that it would be stopped for whatever reason. It was stopped evidently at the last minute. I doubt it was because of me but praise GOD that they didn't blaspheme GOD at this time. I do not believe this was an appointed... Continue Reading →

Bio-Fields Are Dangerous

Where do I start? I'm going to try to put this into words the best I can. I think this is very important for people to understand what is going on here with Smart Phones, 5G, Quantum Computing and what is called Bio-Fields. Now most of us are familiar with the first 3 things I've... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: some more thoughts

I just want to add some more thoughts and things I've seen in the past month with Coronavirus. These aren't placed in any order. I'll start with the Temple Institutes post on April 19th, 2020. Today starts the satanic ritual holiday of Walpurgis or Beltane (May 1st). A fire ritual. Let me also add that... Continue Reading →

Another Conformation on the Skam

Over the weekend a co-worker of mine went to Bakersfield this weekend to stand in line for bike tires. 😆 While in line an Indian man who was a retired Doctor started talking to him about how stupid this whole thing ("virus") was. He had the same random conversation like I had with the older... Continue Reading →

Source Code for 5G Contains Ncov19

This isn't my find. I'm sharing what someone else found and giving you my opinion on it. I want you to remember that coronavirus was originally called nCoV2019 that became CV19 that is known as COVID-19 ie coronavirus. nCoV2019 was the original scientific name. Important news from Reinhard Heidema brought by Caroline de Bruin topic:... Continue Reading →

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